The Best of British Superfoods

The Best of British Superfoods Sarah Flower has compiled a very comprehensive and easy to understand list of British Superfoods you should be including in your day to day eating and what is so great about them! Plums One of the highest ORAC values (measure antioxidant activity).  They score higher…

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Netflix Review • ANOMALISA (2015)


Chicks Netflix Pick • Review • ANOMALISA (2015) Puppets.  Where Matt Stone and Trey Parker were genius at making us laugh at the absurdity of a particular mindset in dealing with counter terrorism and terrorism itself ‘EMERRRIKA (FILL IN THE BLACK) YEAH!’  Charlie Kaufman has become the architect at making us…


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Protecting your skin from the Sun


Protecting your Skin from the Sun Are you wearing Sunscreen? I know that this is a favourite subject of mine and many have heard me say…The Sun is NOT your friend and whilst we’re on the subject, this includes SUN BEDS. The fact is that up until you’re 30, you…


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Eating out • Mum’s Bistro • Review


Review • Mum’s Bistro Eating Out  Mum’s Bistro is lovely little family run Cypriot Eatery, nestled in the heart of Bowes Park, North London. This is a restaurant recommendation/review I have been meaning to write for a long time. I love this place and it’s friendly owners!! It’s one of…


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HIIT to Start


HIIT to Start It’s summer holiday time again and before you know it some friend will be telling you which diet they are trying or which intagrammer has the best crazy programme for getting the best bikini body. The truth is, it’s not about one thing, or one programme. It’s…