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A Poem • My Soul


My Soul My soul is blooming, it is no longer weak Awaken to life it’s time to take that leap. New beginnings and new starts It’s time to deal with affairs of the heart. All my desires and all my plans It’s time to emerge and show you who I…


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8 Home Updates That Have the Best ROI


From minor décor tweaks to major remodelling ideas, there are always new and exciting ways to improve your home. And whether you’re a design enthusiast or just passionate about designing your dream home, it’s easy to get carried away with all those creative projects. However, it’s important to know which…


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Tonia Buxton’s Bugger off Cold Virus Soup


With the festive period and mayhem over for another year. Some of you may be experiencing symptoms of a cold. Well, we have the perfect elixir to nip it in the bud! Tonia Buxton’s Bugger off Cold Virus soup. You can use up the vegetables in your fridge. It’s the…


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5 Health and Beauty Reasons to Love Bees


1) You love FOOD! Did you know that bees pollinate one third of all that we eat? They also pollinate grasses that cows and other animals eat. Bees and wild pollinators are responsible for pollinating 84% of EU crops. 100 of the most important food crops depend on pollination. They…