Ever fancied being able to do a Pull-Up?

Mastering the PULL-UP By Sean Lerwill Mastering the pull-up isn’t an overnight success. For anyone who has never performed a pull-up, it’s not something you just find you can do and do well. Even those that can surprise themselves by doing one, they certainly won’t be able to do many. Being…

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The Women’s Institute Fair 2017 – Giveaway


By Francesca Baker Creator of  And So She thinks The Women’s Institute has reputation, somewhat unfounded. For some reason we believe it to be a club for those with blue rinses, who are stuck in an a nostalgic era of bunting and street parties, live on a diet of jams…


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Beetroot and Raw Organic Cacao Nibs Smoothie


Beetroot and Raw Organic Cacao Nibs Smoothie Ok, so some of you may have given up chocolate for lent. But just a question for clarification, is that chocolate as in chocolate bars? Chocolate filled a lot of the time with lots of unhealthily fats and lots and lots of sugar?…


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