2 become 1 at the King’s Head theatre is a chance to step back to a more innocent time, as our 4 leading ladies take us on a high energy evening through a relationship break-up, speed dating night out, kebab and cab home while performing a series of 90s pop classics.

The story of the night is of the search for love, as the girls try to find their Mr Right at a speed dating night in which each of them have the opportunity to speak directly to their unseen dates – and therefore the audience.

Our 4 likeable leads have easily recognisable personality traits – so we get to know Charlie, the lovesick girl at the centre of the night out and her friends Amanda, determined to find Mr Right, Charlie, the sexy one and Molly, the dim one.  In lesser hands these characters could become basic stereotypes but their enthusiasm makes even simple scenes seem fresh and funny and the audience is carried along on their sheer exuberance.   Their interactions with the audience are lecherous, comic and charming and the audience join in with delight.

However, what really holds the show together is the songs, a mixture of modern classic and forgotten treasures which had slightly older members of the audience (ahem…) singing along.  The songs have been chosen and arranged with care; from a rendition of “no scrubs” set in the ladies’ toilets to the Titanic classic “My heart will go on” complete with streamers and a flute, all 4 singers take the songs seriously while mining them for their comic potential.

At heart, the play has a simple but heartfelt message, explained by Molly as she speaks directly to the audience, expressing her worries about a modern form of dating which is electronic and screen focused rather than face to face contact and human interaction.  As the girls interact with each other and the audience for the last time it is easy to celebrate the 90s as a time in which a simple night out and a sing-along could solve any problem and for those of us older to remember it the first time round, Swipe Right Theatre has given us the chance to relive these moments!

By Elvan Faik


            2 Become 1


       Kerrie Thomason and Natasha Granger


       Swipe Right Theatre and the King’s Head Theatre


 Jessica Brady
Eliza Hewitt-Jones
Natasha Granger
Kerrie Thomason


There is still time to get tickets!!!!

Venue    King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN

Ticket Price  – £19.50/£18/£15 (Friday and Saturday)

King’s Head Theatre, 0207 226 8561

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