A Flow of ideas…


A Flow of Ideas…

A long established wisdom and central tenet in personal and spiritual growth, is the saying “Know Thyself.” Such a fundamental aspect which influences all we do through our choices and decision-making, and yet how much time do we give to understanding ourselves? Do you really know yourself? And if so, is it the ‘you’ of now, or the ‘you’ of past? How up-to-date are you with yourself?

Paint colours photoIronically, we can spend so much time and effort trying to work out who we are – basically, growing up – that we risk becoming stuck in a rut. As we start to like what we like, we can become ‘narrow’ in our thinking. The relief from the journey of having ‘got there,’ of having become functioning – or probably at best, semi-functioning – adults in an adult world, can make us complacent. Time perhaps to freshen things up, to discover more of ourselves…to become truer to our-self.

I love the 80/20 rule and it can be applied beautifully to the maxim ‘Know Thyself’: 80% of what we know of ourselves creating strong foundations, and 20% available to play with. With this in mind, I would like to offer a challenge: to this month, discover 3 new things about yourself which you never knew. It could be through an alternative genre of book or film, visiting a new part of town, or speaking to someone habitually passed by. Perhaps it’s through arranging your day differently, joining a friend or partner in their activities, saying ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’ or allowing yourself to finally do that one small thing you’ve always fancied.

Noticing what we enjoyed about the experience helps us to gain new outlooks, but gently reflecting on why we like or don’t like something creates the inner-awareness around the experience. It is important to always hold appreciation for those of differing opinions and perspectives, and by opening our awareness within – without any need for outcome or judgement – we fall into the pleasure of the experience of experiencing.

Firing enjoyable new thoughts, ideas and perspectives is not just useful for our self-awareness, but is good for our health. In ‘doing things differently’ we literally create new neuro-connectors, patterns and pathways within. We expand and grow; and this creates increasing lightness, energy and space – both within and without. Our 3 new discoveries, themselves now creating new connections and possibilities.

In a month’s time I am going to have my 3 new learnings about myself. The intention though – through this practice – is to develop a generally more open and expansive energy. Above all, I think it is going to be fun, with the benefit of nothing to lose, and all to gain. So fancy joining me?

By Delilah Sullivan