Welcome to Those London Chicks!

We are so glad you’re here. If you’re looking for positivity and inspiration you’ve come the right place. That’s kind of how and why Those London Chicks was created. A little about us; two women who were introduced on a job, both coming from incredibly competitive industries, who on meeting, found each other truly interesting and inspiring, both told each other so. That in itself was a huge stepping stone of recognition, one that can so often be missing in our communication as women.

We at Those London Chicks are about women supporting other women. Without an ounce of fakeness, competitiveness, jealousy or arrogance getting in the way. Now is it because we are a little older? Or is it just because we have experienced the hurt from negative energy. Whether it is age, experience or just our personalities we decided to start spreading this positivity. We want to hear about the great things other women have achieved. To be happy for them and let them know someone is out here shouting in their corner.

It is through this drive to work together and help build confidence in others to Upcycle their lives one step at a time. We have an amazing bunch of contributors with a wealth of experience from different areas. Other women who also wanted to work together to make something great, that stimulates thought and covers the variety of subjects we want to discuss. We hope to encourage, empower and engender thought and ideas…collectively.

Life is so much easier to manage when you have support. We are here, sharing what we have found Upcycles our lives and helps us love and appreciate one another.

Huge Hugs
Karen and Kate