LIFE LESSONS ARE EVERYWHERE  Whilst visiting friends and enjoying a BBQ recently, something made me stop, chuckle and take this photograph of a drainpipe. You’re probably thinking I should get out more, or find more scintillating friends, but I go out plenty and these are the best friends a girl…


Pimm’s O’Clock Smoothie

Now I stumbled upon this delightfully fresh and tasty smoothie recipe when getting ready for a Family BBQ. I had just trained and so was about to make my post workout Smoothie when I was also handed the task of chopping up the fruit for the Pimm’s jugs.  So whilst…


Upcycling – The Dining Table

Now todays delight is similar in style to last time. It’s a rather dashing Dining Table, again with the ever so useful fold down sides. This ‘drop leaf’ style is super handy for city living! Actions On a full sanding to get rid of patchy old varnish. Underneath, the wood…



2 become 1 at the King’s Head theatre is a chance to step back to a more innocent time, as our 4 leading ladies take us on a high energy evening through a relationship break-up, speed dating night out, kebab and cab home while performing a series of 90s pop…


Why REST is important

Rest is one of the most important things to consider when taking up a serious health and fitness lifestyle. At first many people struggle to fit in the amount of training advised to them. However, this often changes quite rapidly and some people find themselves struggling to take a rest…


Vintage Home Ideas

 The Golden Age of Hollywood in the Comfort of Your Own Home The vintage glamour and glitz of the Hollywood Regency style isn’t reserved solely for those with the view of the Hollywood Sign. Characterised by elevated and sophisticated décor and an opportunity for bold self-expression, this style has charmed…


Ever fancied being able to do a Pull-Up?

Mastering the PULL-UP By Sean Lerwill Mastering the pull-up isn’t an overnight success. For anyone who has never performed a pull-up, it’s not something you just find you can do and do well. Even those that can surprise themselves by doing one, they certainly won’t be able to do many. Being…



Vegan Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Spelt Loaf Ingredients 2 tbsp chia seeds 6 tbsp water 150g self raising flour 120g spelt flour 1 tsp baking powder 100g caster sugar 60g maple/date/golden syrup 65g sunflower oil 150ml almond/oat/rice soy milk 150g fresh raspberries 100g dark chocolate (at least 70% – check…


Does Your Brand Qualify For PRECIOUSHABA?

Even if you are not a company looking for recognition, following The Precious Hair and Beauty Awards (PRECIOUSHABA) could lead you to brands you wish existed, just didn’t realise they already do! Brands that are considered too niche for the mainstream market but that your beauty routine is screaming for….


Lizzie – The Greenwich Theatre

With bright lights, projections and an on-stage rock band clearly visible, the opening of Lizzie looks more rock concert than traditional musical theatre, and the irreverent and rebellious nature of rock and roll underpins the whole show.  While murderers have been portrayed in musicals before (Sweeny Todd and Chicago spring…