Are you training too much?

by Rosie Campbell What is too much training? When I was in the grips of the bulimic stage of my eating disorder, I was at university. I would hit the gym twice a day, every single day, with the goal to burn off as many calories as I could. I…

Pistachio Power Balls

Pistachio Power Balls by BakingBright I love snacking. One of my fellow cast members on the tour I am on calls me a little rabbit – always in the corner munching on something (leave your dirty jokes at the door please…!). ‘Healthy’ snacking can be challenging sometimes, so here is…

Do you need a social Media Cleanse?

Social Media Cleanse By Rosie Campbell I think it’s really important to surround ourselves with the right people. During the latter years of my eating disorder, I lived alone. I had a job that paid well and I valued my independence, but living alone meant that some of my obscure…

Double Chocolate Protein Cookies

Double Chocolate Protein Cookies by BakingBright Double Chocolate PROTEIN cookies??? Why the extra protein I hear you ask? I’ve decided to venture out of my comfort zone at the gym – which would have usually consisted of a lot of running – and I have started to lift some weights….

DeadPool Movie Review

Deadpool I was asked to write this review as I’ve been a Deadpool fan for sometime. I have been waiting for this movie since Ryan Reynold’s (half) took on the role for Wolverine Origins in 2009 and since 2010 an IMDB page has been up declaring the movie in pre-production….


What Should I Be Eating?

For those of you that aren’t aware, I spent the latter half of last year working on my own nutrition book. This hit the Amazon ebook shelves at the beginning of this month to allow anyone wanting to kick off 2016 with a health and fitness regime to do so…



In a previous lifetime I was a Team Building Instructor, and had the pleasure of working with some of the great corporate behemoths of our time: ING Group, PriceWaterhouse and GlaxoSmithKline, to name but a few. Once deployed on a mission, we would organise theatrical “corporate kidnappings”, where the Grande…


Vegan Cranberry & Pecan Upside Down Cakes

Ingredients for Vegan Cranberry & Pecan Upside Down Cakes 2 tbsp chia/flax seeds 6 tbsp water 150g fresh cranberries 55g golden syrup (+ extra for drizzling) 75g pecans 150g wholemeal flour 70g oats 1/2 tsp baking powder 140g caster sugar 40g sunflower oil (+ a little extra for greasing) 175ml…

This year I have my look sorted…Jumpsuit Time!

Jump to the beat…It’s Jumpsuit time! Au revoir 2015 and your bad-ass self! 2016, I’m ready for you, so let’s start you with a bang…New Year’s Eve aka Party, PARTY TIME!! I’ve been blessed to have experienced and celebrated New Years in a variety of ways. From romantic meals for…


How Long Should I Train For?

How Long Should I Train For? by Sean Lerwill If you were following my ramblings last year on social media, you may be aware that from May – Sept I decided to stop using a gym; choosing instead to exercise at home/in the park with my bodyweight, rollout wheels, a…

Choosing The Right Training For You

 Choosing The Right Training For You by Sean Lerwill Compliance is one of the buzzwords within nutrition at the moment and has been for a few years. The idea being that if something isn’t at least in part easy, enjoyable and achievable for an individual with their lifestyle that they won’t…

We Just Want To Wish You All A Very

To all of our readers we want to say Merry Christmas and a huge THANK YOU for all your support and feedback and to all of our contributors for making Those London Chicks what it is. Lots of Love,   Kate and Karen xx



If you try to comprehend air before breathing it in, you will die ~ said a wise person (not me) once. As soon as I read this quote, it gave me pause. You see, I have been known to be a little over-analytical. That sound you can hear now, is…


A Night Out You WILL Feel Great About!

LET THE MUSIC BE YOUR VOICE Show support for the thousands of survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Solace Women’s Aid’s annual flagship event: Rock Against Violence, is back on 12th November at the O2 Academy Islington. On average three women are killed by a partner or ex-partner every fortnight;…


Doll Face-Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The Doll It’s that time of year again! Halloween is a great excuse to get creative with your makeup. I’m going to show you how to create an easy but effectively creepy Doll Face look. Ready for trick or treating with the kids, a Halloween party or just to do…


Passionfruit Smoothie Recipe

So if you are anything like me, you see passion fruits in the supermarket and are like hmmm great idea but what the hell would I do with it. I love getting anything passion fruit whilst out, cocktails, desserts whatever, I can’t get enough, but at home I’m at a…



Close your eyes and visualise who you want to be, because the first step for getting what you want is to know what you want. Without knowing which direction you want to travel in, no wind is favourable; you must first chart your course, before you can set your sail….


What they don’t tell you about Pregnancy!

Where do all the pregnant ladies go to dance?

There are a lot of words that are used to describe pregnancy. Magical, exciting, scary… and it is all of those things. But most of all, it’s personal. None of the many websites designed to guide women through gestation can cover all…

Can I have cake and stay Lean?

Today is our fitness contributor and resident nutrition expert Sean Lerwill’s Birthday! So we took the opportunity to ask him how he keeps on track with healthy eating during celebratory periods.   For those of our readers that don’t know you Sean. You’ve graced the cover of a number international…