Claire Hastings


The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide By Claire Hastings Don’t worry, there isn’t any holiday that is approaching. But, we are going to take a lucky guess and say that you have probably forgotten about a b-day, anniversary or something similar that is approaching, right? And you are probably super tired of…


From Healthy Interiors to a Balanced Life

From Healthy Interiors to a Balanced Life Do you believe in Feng Shui? The ancient Chinese art of harmonizing everyone with the surroundings has deep roots in the belief that harmony in your environment will help you find harmony within. Your living space is a mirror of what is going…


Let your style represent your personality

Let your style represent your personality When we’re teenagers and young adults, we want to be noticed and appreciated because of our uniqueness and style. Still, as years go by, people spend less time on planning their clothing combinations and shopping for something that they like. The whole process almost…