Sean Lerwill

Sean Lerwill is a 7 x published author, successful international sports/cover model and ex-Royal Marines Commando Officer and Physical Training Instructor.

Following his graduation from King’s College London with a BSc (Hons) in Molecular Genetics, Sean undertook what is regarded as the most arduous initial military training in the world and subsequently served as an Officer in the Royal Marine Commandos. Sean began training straight from University at age 21, earning his coveted Green Beret at the age of 22.

Sean chose to specialise as a Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor (PTI) after serving as General Duties RM officer. RM PTIs have the reputation of the being the best military Physical Trainers in the World. While serving at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines training Recruits Sean earned a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from the University of Plymouth thus making him a qualified teacher.

In 2009 Sean was asked to write the Ministry of Defence backed: Haynes Guide to Royal Marines Fitness, published in January 2010. Following this, Sean left the British Forces to pursue his own business ventures.

Since becoming a civilian Sean has written a further three books for Haynes and one for Men’s Fitness and self published his Pass the PRMC ebook for those wanting to follow his footsteps with a career as a Royal Marine and his Ration Pack Diet to help anyone and everyone with nutrition for health and fitness.

Sean has written numerous articles and supplements for national magazines and newspapers, and modelled for numerous companies, projects, magazines and campaigns, including seven national and international magazine covers to date.

Sean established himself as a very highly regarded personal trainer, working for two years at London’s Premier Health Club; The Third Space as both a trainer and the Fitness Manager.

Directly due to his unique yet multiple talents Sean is also a MaxiNutrition ambassador and subject matter expert: speaking on behalf of MaxiNutrition on health and fitness matters and heading up their team of fitness experts working in the UK

Sean also delivers consultation in health and fitness and leadership and team building to major companies such a GlaxoSmithKline.

In need of a new workout? Check out the free programmes Sean has on his site.


Ten Simple Ways To Lose Fat – No.1

Rather than fight against the current and continue to try to impress on people that in the long run it’s better to concentrate on eating healthily and adding in a sustainable exercise routine, rather than worrying solely about bodyfat. I’ve decided to give people what they want and put together…


Supersets or Compound sets?

Most of us have heard of supersets and have most likely used them in our training at some point or another, either to save time or to make us feel like we are working harder. Strangely though, you may actually be performing compound sets and not supersets. Super vs compound…


Why REST is important

Rest is one of the most important things to consider when taking up a serious health and fitness lifestyle. At first many people struggle to fit in the amount of training advised to them. However, this often changes quite rapidly and some people find themselves struggling to take a rest…


Training Up To Christmas

“Silly Season” is upon us. If you haven’t already, then I’m sure the local Christmas market or festive pub will lure you in for a Mulled Wine or Cider. Next up is the run of Christmas parties, the night out to enjoy the atmosphere and of course the catch ups…


Do You Need To Be More Social Media Selfish?

Last week I saw the very knowledgeable Andy McKenzie put something on his Instagram about being selfish to be happy. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of that post, other than to say in general I agree. The bits and pieces I have utilised from NLP and my own personal…

DeadPool Movie Review

Deadpool I was asked to write this review as I’ve been a Deadpool fan for sometime. I have been waiting for this movie since Ryan Reynold’s (half) took on the role for Wolverine Origins in 2009 and since 2010 an IMDB page has been up declaring the movie in pre-production….


What Should I Be Eating?

For those of you that aren’t aware, I spent the latter half of last year working on my own nutrition book. This hit the Amazon ebook shelves at the beginning of this month to allow anyone wanting to kick off 2016 with a health and fitness regime to do so…


How Long Should I Train For?

How Long Should I Train For? by Sean Lerwill If you were following my ramblings last year on social media, you may be aware that from May – Sept I decided to stop using a gym; choosing instead to exercise at home/in the park with my bodyweight, rollout wheels, a…

Choosing The Right Training For You

 Choosing The Right Training For You by Sean Lerwill Compliance is one of the buzzwords within nutrition at the moment and has been for a few years. The idea being that if something isn’t at least in part easy, enjoyable and achievable for an individual with their lifestyle that they won’t…

Are you doing the right training for your goal?

To select the correct training for your personal goal(s) you first need to know what your goal is! Do you know what your goal is? As in, could you write it down right now? To really know what your goal is, you also have to be prepared to be totally honest…

Can I have cake and stay Lean?

Today is our fitness contributor and resident nutrition expert Sean Lerwill’s Birthday! So we took the opportunity to ask him how he keeps on track with healthy eating during celebratory periods.   For those of our readers that don’t know you Sean. You’ve graced the cover of a number international…


Time For A Change?

How to start a fitter lifestyle is something I get asked about a lot. Whatever I seem to be doing work wise from day-to-day, or when I meet people socially; once they find out what I do/have done and that I have some knowledge in the health and fitness field,…


Back to basics Nutrition Tip 1

I am going to keep this short and sweet on purpose. Partly because people make nutrition too complicated and partly because I know most of you won’t read beyond a paragraph anyway; time is too precious isn’t it. In my opinion, the second most precious commodity we have. The first…


Back Workout To Suit You

Now I was going to share a full body workout next but after taking on two new clients and talking with a current one I realised how little importance a lot of women put on training their back. I’m not meaning bodybuilding ladies as they are very aware. But for…


Leg Workout To Suit You

Leg Workout To Suit You  I love a good leg workout. It always makes me feel like I am really helping myself in so many ways. Lifting heavy weights strengthens the bones which in turn helps to prevent Osteoperosis, so with the Gluteus Maximus, Quadriceps and Hamstrings being three of…


Staying Lean All Year Round – It’s not easy!

People often ask me what I do to stay lean all year around. If you don’t know, I’m not a physique competitor, i.e. I don’t get on stage once a year to compete in a show. Sometimes these competitors are referred to as “fitness models” due to their size and…

Arm’d for Summer

Arm Workout At this time of year, spring’s here, summer’s coming; so out come the vests, sleeveless tops and little strappy dresses and thus showing your arms off. What I inevitably find in turn, is that the number one question to me revolves around “toning the arms”. Well, first of…


The Mind Fails Long Before The Body

As most people reading this will know, I am a former Royal Marines Commando. During my time in the Marines, the advertising campaign for the Corps became all about the Commando “Strength of Mind”. Something I have always told Recruits, clients or friends I am training is that: The Mind…


The Little Black Dress Workout – Week 8

Little Black Dress Workout Four years ago when I first started putting people through Transformations, I gave all clients a full weeks rest at week 7 as a matter of course. My reasons were to hit home the importance of rest, active rest and recovery and hopefully avoid people gaining…


The Little Black Dress Work Out – Week 7

Little Black Dress Workout WEEK 7!!! Christmas is 10 Days away. So it’s now time to ‘step it up’…Again! The “let’s give it a go-er” Perform the following 3 times a week with 30seconds of step-ups and 30seconds rest between sets and exercises. Drink lots of water throughout and eat…