Sean Lerwill

Sean Lerwill is a 7 x published author, successful international sports/cover model and ex-Royal Marines Commando Officer and Physical Training Instructor.

Following his graduation from King’s College London with a BSc (Hons) in Molecular Genetics, Sean undertook what is regarded as the most arduous initial military training in the world and subsequently served as an Officer in the Royal Marine Commandos. Sean began training straight from University at age 21, earning his coveted Green Beret at the age of 22.

Sean chose to specialise as a Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor (PTI) after serving as General Duties RM officer. RM PTIs have the reputation of the being the best military Physical Trainers in the World. While serving at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines training Recruits Sean earned a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from the University of Plymouth thus making him a qualified teacher.

In 2009 Sean was asked to write the Ministry of Defence backed: Haynes Guide to Royal Marines Fitness, published in January 2010. Following this, Sean left the British Forces to pursue his own business ventures.

Since becoming a civilian Sean has written a further three books for Haynes and one for Men’s Fitness and self published his Pass the PRMC ebook for those wanting to follow his footsteps with a career as a Royal Marine and his Ration Pack Diet to help anyone and everyone with nutrition for health and fitness.

Sean has written numerous articles and supplements for national magazines and newspapers, and modelled for numerous companies, projects, magazines and campaigns, including seven national and international magazine covers to date.

Sean established himself as a very highly regarded personal trainer, working for two years at London’s Premier Health Club; The Third Space as both a trainer and the Fitness Manager.

Directly due to his unique yet multiple talents Sean is also a MaxiNutrition ambassador and subject matter expert: speaking on behalf of MaxiNutrition on health and fitness matters and heading up their team of fitness experts working in the UK

Sean also delivers consultation in health and fitness and leadership and team building to major companies such a GlaxoSmithKline.

In need of a new workout? Check out the free programmes Sean has on his site.


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