Tonia Buxton

tonia-buxton-cook-chefTonia Buxton  is a celebrity cook, television presenter and food writer. Best known for her highly successful show, My Greek Kitchen and My Cypriot Kitchen. In addition to these shows she has also made a series on UK Food called Beauty and the Feast and is a regular on Market Kitchen, bringing a bit of Mediterranean spice to the English kitchen.

Tonia lives in London with her husband Paul and their four children; daughters Antigoni and Sophia and sons Zephyros and Zeno.


Tonia Buxton – How To Make Koubes

Κούπες Cracked wheat and mince cigarillos • Koubes My mum is known for a lot of things but one thing for certain she is truly the ‘Koubes Queen’…there is not a soul alive who does not proclaim hers the best! As with all good things in life they take a…


Tonia Buxton – How To Make Pavlova With Greek Delight

Λουκούμι Παύλοβα Pavlova with Greek Delight • Lokoumi Pavlova I love sweet Cypriot Lokoumi and fancied using some in a dessert so here is what I came up with…there was an element of surprise when I served it to my no-nonsense Aunts. Okay, so it is not traditional but is…