Top 5 Must-Haves for Your DIY Dental Routine

DIY Dental Tips They say a face can launch a thousand ships, but if that same face had a perfect bright smile, will it launch millions instead? There is something about a smile that makes my heart melt (especially from that special someone we know so well). There’s almost this…

Go Red with The Eve Appeal

We want you to Go Red for the right reasons this September! The results are in, and Eve Appeal-commissioned research has found that two thirds of parents want their children to receive a formal education regarding the signs and symptoms of cancer. The majority of participants believed that fostering open, informative…

How to Tackle the Menace of the Menopause

The Unknown Tackling the menopause can be quite daunting. Firstly, we deal with letting go of the idea of remaining youthful forever. Secondly, the acceptance of the ageing process. Psychologically, these are vast adaptations to face alone, never mind the physical challenges. Physically, symptoms can be erratic, overwhelming and demanding….

Crystals • A Natural Alternative for Pain Relief from Headaches

Nothing ruins a picture perfect day more than having a headache. Anyone who experiences migraines or tension headaches on a regular basis knows just how awful you can feel. Think nauseous, pain around the eyes, constant throbbing in your head and an inability to concentrate or function at full capacity….

Food and Blood Pressure

How Thousands of People are Ignorantly Killing Themselves Each meal you consume is delicious and tasty. That is one reason you do not even bother to find out how it affects your health. You are only just concerned about satisfying your taste bud. But by the time you realize that…