Creative Organisation Hacks That You’ll Adore!!


Creative Organisation Hacks


Stacey Cooper

Raise your hand if you identify as a mother, businesswoman, cook, laundromat and cleaning lady. Now that we’re all here, I’d like to start by saying that as a successful businesswoman with a slight control freak mannerism, I really love to keep things in order, adore when my environment is practical and easy to handle, and really don’t like to over complicate things (who would have known, right?). So, for all you ladies out there, that are simply fed up with turning into a house maid as soon as you walk into the house, we give you a few creative organization hacks that you’ll surely adore.

Display Your Jewellery

I really love jewellery and that’s why this trick is one of my personal favourites! I’ve always had a difficult time organizing my necklaces, rings and earrings, and keeping them from getting all tangled up, so I found a cool trick online. All you need is a peg board or a cork board on which you will hang all your favourite pieces. Of course, there are other ways to display your accessories, from using wine bottles as jewellery stands to placing your earrings on a painted cheese grater to add to that rustic charm.


Binder Clips for Cords

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book that I so gladly use! Loose cables and cords have been giving me nightmares for such a long time that I really thought about going into a full wireless mode. Fortunately, I’ve found the solution for organising the cords in binder clips. Another useful trick is using bread tags to tell which cable is which.

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Use ALL the Available Space

A common problem in many households is not that you don’t have more space, but that you don’t know how to use all the space you have available. There are hidden storage solutions all around you just waiting to be discovered and all you have to do is become a bit creative with your space. Your ceiling is one of your biggest assets, as in most cases, this space is completely ignored. Install additional shelving units just below the ceiling or above your doors, suspend crates and huge objects from the ceiling, or simply install hooks and let the objects hang from above.

Tension Rods for Shoes

There is a variety of ways to use tension rods in your household and the great thing about them is that they’re quite cheap and easy to handle. One of the best ways to put these rods into use is to place them in the corner of your bedroom and use them for hanging shoes. This is not only a great way to organize and display your shoes, but other accessories as well. They can also be installed under your kitchen cabinets to organize your cleaning products or to simply add another clothing bar in your closet.


Repurpose and Recycle

We’ve already talked about the art of repurposing household items, but I just can’t stress enough how much time, money and space we can save by reusing items. If you’re in need of an additional bookcase, instead of building one from scratch, simply repurpose your old dresser drawers into bookshelves. Your shower hooks can easily become additional closet storage, while your old magazine racks can find a new purpose as storage for kitchen supplies. If you have a few vintage suitcases, pile them up on top of each other beside your bed and you have yourself a creative and stylish nightstand.

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Although I do love to keep things organized, I have to admit that I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to keeping trinkets and memories from the past. Most of us have certain items that hold great sentimental value but other than that, don’t have any practical use, so they end up collecting dust in the attic or the basement. I recently decided to gather all those things and place them in a self storage facility, so they don’t take any additional space in my house, but I always know where to find them if I get a bit nostalgic.

As I wasn’t born to be a Stepford Wife and I’m not always in a position to keep my home squeaky clean on top of everything else I do, I always try to find some useful and creative tricks to organize the space I’m living in. Hopefully you’ll find these hacks as useful as I have!