From Healthy Interiors to a Balanced Life


From Healthy Interiors to a Balanced Life

Do you believe in Feng Shui? The ancient Chinese art of harmonizing everyone with the surroundings has deep roots in the belief that harmony in your environment will help you find harmony within. Your living space is a mirror of what is going on inside your heart and mind, and if you would like to be balanced, start from your living space. Today, you don’t have to study Feng Shui to find harmony around you, but if you’re hoping to find or bring some balance in your life, it’s a good idea to start from your home.

Your heart on your sleeve

hanging-books-on-wall-from-healthy-interiors-to-a-balanced-life-thoselondonchicksDid you ever look at a photo of somebody’s home on TV or in a magazine and think: ‘It’s like nobody even lives here’? Too-clean, almost sterile living spaces that tell you nothing about who lives there are as bad as overcrowded ones. It’s good to keep things that make you feel good close by: trinkets from your trips, little notes from your friends, photos of your family and pets… It’s important to remind yourself every day who you are and what is good in your life. If you don’t have enough space, try using mini clothespins and some string to display your photographs or an inspirational quote on your wall. It’s easy, simple, and doesn’t take as much space as photo frames do.

Deep breaths

plants-hanging-from-ceiling-from-healthy-interiors-to-a-balnced-life-thoselondonchicksYou don’t sleep in dirty bed sheets, you don’t drink filthy water, and you most certainly don’t eat with dirty cutlery. So why on earth would you breathe in dirty air? Make it a rule to open your apartment windows for at least five minutes every morning so that the fresh air can come in and the stale air can come out. You can also get a reliable commercial air purifier and make sure you’re not breathing in any fungi or dirt. Get yourself scented candles and incense sticks and light them from time to time just so your sense of smell can ‘work’ with something nice. Use lavender to help yourself relax before going to bed, and mint to feel refreshed in the morning.

Colours everywhere

shabby-chic-conservatory-from-healthy-interiors-to-a-balanced-life-thoselondonchicksWhat colour are your walls? Do you have a dominant colour in your home or a different one in every room in? Even though having white walls really comes in handy because the space looks bigger and more spacious, it also looks pretty blank. If you don’t want to paint the walls, bring in colours in another way: colourful lamp shades, beautiful handmade pillowcases, fluffy rugs, sparkly photo frames, cute little fridge magnets. Intricately painted vases full of fresh flowers will brighten up any room. You can even choose to have different dominant colours in different rooms: lavender for our bedroom, blue for bathroom, yellow in the kitchen, and red for your living room.

Minimalism is good

girl-sorting-books-on-bed-for inspiration-from-healthy-interiors-to-a-balanced-life-thoselondonchicksYou don’t have to throw everything out of the room to make it look neat and clean, but it is wise to get rid of trinkets which slowly pile up and ‘eat’ all the available space. if you have a lot of papers or magazines lying everywhere, get a lovely box or a magazine holder to keep them in order. You can also keep your shampoos and shower gels in a special box in your bathroom, and your scented candles in ornate bowls on the coffee table. Organize your things differently and you will notice how much space you will get in a blink of an eye.

Be careful about arranging and re-arranging things around you, it is easy to forget your resolutions and start piling up unnecessary things again. If you catch yourself feeling trapped in chaos again, don’t hesitate to turn yourself into a small hurricane and clean up the mess so that you can feel good again. It’s important to keep balance both in and around you, and healthy living space will help you.

By Claire Hastings