Product Review: Fashion Fair Lip Colour Review


How did it fair? Fashion Fair Lip Colour Review 

Today I am reviewing Fashion Fairs Chocolate Raspberry lip collection which I recently received and was instantly intrigued due to the beautiful packaging! The packaging is so eye catching and the products themselves are so beautiful too. I was pleasantly surprised by the edible scents which i think is a real bonus with beauty. It has a way of making you want to use the product more regularly when it has hidden benefits.



The first product is the Lip Stick which is $18. It feels so soft on the lips and has a matte finish. Along with the amazing texture, the smell is very unusual. This lipstick smells like actual chocolate which is such a nice touch! Even when it’s on the lips you can still smell the chocolate. You apply it like any other lipstick, by brushing it along your lips, giving yourself an even coverage. I like this lipstick because of how it feels on my lips and the beautiful colour it has on the lips.

The second product is the Lip Teaser gloss which is $18. Again it feels so soft on the lips and is so smooth when you press your lips together. The smell of this products is a very subtle raspberry smell which I didn’t think I’d like! The applicator for this is so good, it evenly spreads the lip-gloss onto your lips, which means you don’t need to apply a lot. I like this because of the smell and the easy application. The only thing I would say that I didn’t really like is the stickiness of it, it’s one of them lip-glosses that you’d need to wear on a non-windy day!

The last product is the Lip Pencil Crayon. This is so soft when applying it and you can’t feel it when it’s on the lip. The smell of this is a mixture between the chocolate and the raspberry which is really interesting. I liked it because it is so easy to blend with the lipstick and so easy to apply.

In my opinion, these products were so nice and easy to use and I would definitely recommend to so many people! Visit: Fashion Fair

Thank you for reading!

Written by Lauren Williams

This product set is a PR sample provided by JoClarePR