Smoothie • Mango Berry Blast


Mango Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is pretty much an end of summer smoothie. With Mango and Strawberries its a fruit going out of season. The Mango for me is also synonymous with the long summer days. This gorgeous Vegan Smoothie sure packs a flavour punch considering it only has a few ingredients. It also doubles up as a delicious dessert depending on how much Almond Milk you use.

Mango Berry Dessert


In addition to Mangos sumptuous tropical flavour it delivers a whole host of nutrients. A one cup serving of Mango contains 100% of our daily recommended Vitamin C, 35% Vitamin A and 12% of fibre and is 100 calories. Red Mangos don’t necessarily mean ripe, squeeze gently to judge, a ripe Mango with ‘give’ slightly. Freeze some Mangoes, Strawberries and Blueberries if you want to ‘stretch out’ that summer feeling…

Fun Fact:  Mangoes are related to cashews and pistachios!


1/2 ripe Mango

5 large Strawberries

A small handful Blueberries

1 Banana (frozen for extra creaminess)

Almond milk unsweetened (6 tbsp for the dessert to achieve a thicker consistency). Add more milk for the smoothie.


Peel and slice the Mango and Banana. Chop the strawberries add to the NutriBullet along with the blueberries and almond milk. Then simply blast until smooth or your desired thickness and texture is achieved. You can also add a couple of table spoons of your favourite seeds or soaked oats. This smoothie is really great for breakfast, its extremely filling!!

Mango Berry Blast

It’s super simple and really and truly delicious!! 

By Karen Bryson 

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