Spring into Summer-Makeup Tutorial

It’s finally here, the sun is starting to break through the clouds and the days are lasting longer! So it’s defiantly time to brighten up your face!

Nobody wants to be caked up in makeup when the suns out but we all still want to look our best and give off that ‘I’m a natural beauty who needs hardly any makeup!’ Look.

I’m going to show you a really simple but beautiful look that will be easy for you to create at home and also give you a fresh face that looks natural and glowing.




Your foundation is key in this stunning look. A round headed brush is ideal for applying your foundation as it gives you an effortless coverage. I have used Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation on my face in soft beige. I find it not only very affordable but it covers trouble areas really well and is still light enough to look natural.

If you need to use a concealer a little trick is to use the concealer on clean hands, dab onto the spot/mark that you wish to cover and then apply your foundation on top. This will give you the best desired coverage and not leave you patchy.



Step 2


Next if the bronzer. Many people make the mistake of applying their perfect foundation, matching the colour to their skin etc… Then they get out the bronzer and rub it all over their face!? This completely ruins the whole point? You might as well buy a darker foundation if your just gonna change the whole colour of it with a load of brown powder!

You are supposed to look slightly kissed by the sun, a little tan in the correct areas to give the gorgeous illusion of a trip to Marbella.

Use the bronzer at the top of your forehead, along the cheekbones, down the nose onto the cheeks and on the chin. These are the natural areas that when you sunbathe get a tan, and that’s what you should use your bronzer to recreate.


Step 3




Using your concealer or a light foundation, highlight a line down your nose, a little onto the forehead between the eyebrows and a large triangle  on each cheek. Blend with a round brush so you dont have any obvious lines.







Step 4 and 5

This is a great way to lift your cheeks and give a natural youthful appearance.

Lightly pencil the eyebrows. Use gentle strokes to make the eyebrows just a shadow darker and more definite. Be careful not to mark out the eyebrows too dark and pointy as that would indicate your going for a heavier look. Remember – this is supposed to look natural!

Step 6


The worst thing women do in the summer is cake their faces in powder! Now nobody wants too much shine especially in those unwanted areas like the t-zone. I suggest a translucent powder lightly dabbed in that area for those who suffer. However a shine on the cheeks is the perfect way to give a healthy and youthful glow for summer. Instead of using a powder blusher, here’s a nifty idea. Use instead a pink lipgloss or lipstick! You don’t need much, just enough to give a little colour.





Step 7



By dabbing this onto your cheeks with a clean finger you create a beautiful healthy glow. It really is a beautiful look.











I have then added the same lipgloss I used before on my lips. A lovely bright gorgeous pink to let everyone know its almost summer! Don’t be scared to use a loud or fun colour, that’s what make up is for!

Et Voila
Et Voila

I haven’t used mascara in this look as I feel that’s too heavy for this pretty, girly springtime look.

Remember – make up is fun! Give yourself permission to try new things and dust off the cobwebs of winter.

By Lila Rose MUA