The Cruelty Free Makeup Con – The Truth Revealed


The Cruelty Free Makeup Con – The Truth Revealed

Have you ever asked a makeup sales assistant if their products are tested on animals and had the immediate answer ‘no we don’t test on animals’? I’m sorry to tell you, that you could well have been lied to. Because of loopholes in the law, brands that actually say they’re cruelty free, are actually not.

In 2013 animal lovers breathed a sigh of relief as the EU banned cosmetics that had been tested on animals.  So does this mean we can now apply our mascara safe in the knowledge no rabbits were strapped down and tortured to ensure it’s safe for us to look glam? Nope.

Yes, the cosmetics that are sold in the EU haven’t been tested on animals, but cosmetic giants that sell their products outside the EU have to comply with local law, which means any global brands like Estee Lauder that sell in China for example, have to submit their products to local laboratories to be tested on animals.

Read The Small Print

Brands are very careful when they make their cruelty free statements on their websites, confusing many and deceiving those looking for validation that the makeup they love hasn’t been tested on animals. For example L’Oreal state on their website they do NOT test on animals anywhere in the world ‘except when required by law’. For me, it should be black or white. You either do, or you don’t. Don’t try and cover up the truth.

It comes down to greed, the Chinese beauty market is worth £20 billion, a huge draw for the big cosmetics giants of the world, very few refuse to sell there unless they’re passionate about being cruelty free, like The Body Shop.

So how can you find out, easily, if a product you love is cruelty free and trust the answer?

The CCIC (Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics) Leaping Bunny Logo on product labels gives consumers assurance that the product they’re buying have met the most rigorous cruelty free standards, so look out for this little guy on the box or label of the makeup/skincare/household product you’re about to purchase:

Who Does and Who Doesn’t Test On Animals?

So here’s a quick look at the hall of shame. The brands that still test on innocent little animals, which is totally unnecessary. Using YOUR consumer power to make compassionate choices when purchasing products is one step in the right direction to stop animal testing in the future.

Brands and parent companies that DO test on animals:

Avon Benefit Bobbi Brown Bumble and Bumble 
Clarins  Clinique Dove Elizabeth Arden
Estee Lauder Jo Malone Kiehl’s Lancome
MAC Max Factor Maybelline Olay
Revlon L’Oreal  



Brands that DON’T test on animals.

By Charlotte George MUA

Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist

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