Vegan Foundation! With shades for everyone


London Chicks are in love with Premae’s latest creation Mango based Vegan Foundation! And not only that but it is available in a large selection of shades. 15 to be precise! We were fortunate enough to be asked to shoot for the latest Premae campaign and so had a genuine chance to put the foundation to the test. With outfit changes a plenty, roasting hot lights and a long day of wearing, it stood strong. Not only that but its suprisingly light. Making you feel like you have nothing on at all. The vast options of shade allow you to find exactly the right match and with a complete coverage very little is actually needed for each application. As their tag line says ‘Soft enough to sleep in’, which after the long shoot day we must admit we were tempted to do!

Stippling Brush from Space NK – £30

This foundation has the same technical and scientific attributes as the rest of the multi-award winning Premae Skincare range; it is free-from gluten, nuts and tree nuts, parabens, petrochemicals and SLS. Best applied with a professional blending sponge or stippling brush  the mousse conditions and cares for the skin, nourishes the pores and soothes blemish prone skin with Rose and Lavender essential oils. Due to the allergy-friendly formula, this foundation is gentle enough to wear all day, and also includes yummy and hydrating Mango and Jojoba to protect and shield the skin against free radicals.

If however if Premae isn’t for you we have also found several other Vegan friendly Foundations for you to try!

Beautiful Movements Foundation £14 – Available in 8 shades. This mineral foundation contains zinc oxide, a naturally occurring mineral which has anti inflammatory properties making it ideal for unsettled and spot prone skin. I find the concealer and foundation work together well and it literally feels like you have nothing on.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics -OCC Tinted Moisturiser £17.99. 12 Shades available. Similar to Premae this foundation moisturises at the same time as having a high opacity coverage.
Veil Fluid Makeup – Hourglass -Available in 11 shades- £50
Too Faced- Amazing Face Powder Foundation – £24
Also by Too Faced the Tinted Beauty Balm £27.50. Available in 4 Shades.
Total Cover Cream Foundation £35- Available in 28 Shades from House of Fraser stores or the internet. This clinically tested product does not contain the Inflammatory Five: gluten, mineral oil, fragrance, parabens or talc.
Silk Naturals DIY Foundation- Still awaiting its patent and currently having to ship from America we appreciate this may not be the most simple item to go and get, but if you find nothing else works then maybe having complete control of shade and consistency is right up your alley! Or could just be a bit of fun for a rainy day!










It’s all about trial and error. We have even found mixing brands works for us!