When Design becomes Art.


When Design Becomes Art.

The appreciaition of Art is in the eye of the beholder. So when design becomes art is this also a matter of subjectivity? Or is there an element of freedom, creativity and complexity which leads one item to become so unique that it encompasses both design and art without question.

The campione chair (top left) designed by Max Lamb and crafted with granite specialists Pedretti Graniti, is – as the name suggests – a sample showcasing examples of four-axis wire saw cutting, lettering, circular saw cutting, polishing, CNC milling, honing, core drilling, sand blasting, edge profiling, flaming, feather and wedge splitting, bush hammering, chiselling and cleaving. Whilst the objective was for Lamb to highlight these age-old crafts, he first captures our attention with the raw grandeur of the piece, thus creating art through bold design which then leads us to the exploration of technique.

Claire Baily, of ornamental grace describes her collection as “Looking to merge the lines between art, design and the domestic interior, Ornamental Grace aims to produce unique, beautiful and simple objects with a luxury handmade quality.” These beautiful objects are “designed and made for elevated living” you can also be pretty sure you wont be seeing your light at a friend’d dinner party – poured lamp (top left) is an edition of just 50.

The Syzygy ‘clock’ (top left) designed by OS ∆ OOS was initially inspired by the sun and then developed to work in combination with changing light conditions “The final result is to bring the natural phenomena of the sun’s ability to cast light upon our world but then to bring it down to the human scale, but working in combination with our new human rhythm, which is a result of the invention of the light bulb. A world, which can continue long after the sun has set for another day, our world post artificial light.”

The Syzygy is a beautiful illustration of art & design colliding and the designers’ desire to create objects they consider innovative, meaningful and aesthetically pleasing is clear. OS ∆ OOS shares their final view of their work: “The conclusion of these efforts results in neither a product nor pure artistic expression but a culmination of the both. A product where art = industry”.

If the Syzygy is a little too large to be putting into your loved ones stockings on christmas eve, here are some smaller inspirations for you…


By Interior Designer Alexa Page

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