Yoga: Tree Pose• A lesson in forgiving yourself

Tree pose • A lesson in forgiving yourself


If you’ve been to a Yoga class or two no doubt you’ll have done this pose at some point. Repetition is useful in Yoga. As our practice deepens over the years the poses take on new meanings. For some at first the physicality of ‘doing’ the pose is of the utmost importance. Then perhaps the inner work begins to unfold, less doing and more undoing. Yoga is a chance for you to get to know you better and who you are today is not who you’ll be tomorrow.  For me Tree pose is a reminder of the continual growth and change we all experience through life. It’s a lesson in keeping grounded even when things are stormy. Stay strong and ride it out till the storm dies down.


  • Stand with both feet firmly on the ground and find your centre. The place within that is calm, collected and ever so strong. I take my awareness to my heart space. Enjoy 3 long breaths here.
  • Pick your right foot up off the floor and place it above or below your knee. Avoid the kneecap. Keep your hips straight and press your right leg into the thigh/calf and push back from the leg.
  • Press down into the standing leg from your pelvis.  Find your roots- essential for any spiritual practice. Our feet need to be secured to the ground to prevent us getting swept of our feet by the winds of change.
  • Take your hands to your heart or raise them above your head.
  • Ensure your floating ribs are easing down into the upper abdominals.
  • If you fall over FORGIVE YOURSELF-everyone stumbles once in a while. These things happen. Pick yourself up, dust off your ego and keep going.  For me this is the biggest lesson of Vriksasana
  • Hold for 5-10 breaths and change sides.

By Rebecca Keenanghan


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Photo credit: Deb Simmons