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Energy Foods Are you surviving on sugar and caffeine to keep you going throughout the day?  Low energy not only makes us feel dreadful but it also has a knock on effect on our immune system, mood and emotions.  There are many reasons why we may be lacking energy.  Ask…

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Chicks Chat with…Ilana Lorraine


Ilana Lorraine creative director, singer/songwriter, mentor from London. She is co-founder of a music night Sessions58 along with Nate James. She is also founder of The Coach House Retreat? We at Those London Chicks are pleased Ilana has taken the time out with chat with us. Ilana had you always…


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Break the Rules: Bohemian Chic Interior Design


Ladies, it’s time you brought that irresistible Bohemian vibe from your wardrobe into your home, because there is nothing that can portray that warm, intimate homey vibe like a maximalist setting draped in colour, greenery, and vintage decor hailing from around the world. In essence, this is the look that will…


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Pumpkin Pie Spice Recipe


“Pumpkin pie spice? What’s that?” this London Chicks said as I flicked through recipes seeing it crop up again and again. Is this some new fandangled spice? NO. No it is not. It is basically several of our favourite autumnal spices that someone has cleverly re marketed as pumpkin pie…


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Tools of Divination, Activate The Gift Within


Visiting clairvoyants has been in our DNA since ancient civilisation. There was a time where every village would have a healer, a psychic or a diviner. These people would rely on their ‘gift’ to interpret the message from the divine, regarding their illness or wellbeing.   These readings are sometimes…