Which Plants Produce More Oxygen?

Which Plants Produce More Oxygen? For all plants, oxygen is produced during photosynthesis. This article looks at which plants produce oxygen and provides relevant information on the subject. Image source Plants are fantastic living specimens. They release a whole lot of oxygen during the day as photosynthesis converts carbon outside…

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The Sunset Limited • Theatre Review


Chicks at the Theatre Review of The Sunset Limited   The ambiance of the revamped Boulevard Theatre in Soho gave the cast of The Sunset Limited an intimate backdrop into which they drew the audience in with this thought-provoking play. I had not heard of the play by American writer Cormac…


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Why women need to start talking about their salary


When was the last time you got a raise? Maybe you’re in your first job and you’ve never had one, or perhaps you get your annual increase on schedule. Chances are, you’ve never had to actually negotiate for one. The chances are even slimmer if you’re a woman. Only 30%…


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A Healthier Christmas Dinner


The average Brit consumes over 6000 calories on Christmas day, but there are ways to lighten the load and still enjoy the festivities. It is not the roast that is at fault, but the way we cook it! Limited the unhealthy saturated fats and keep things simple. Turkey is a…


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Achieving Your Resolutions With Scientific Hacks


Achieving Your Resolutions With Scientific Hacks After the holiday craze swiftly followed by the January blues, our New Year’s Resolutions don’t stand a very good chance of making it past January. How many of you are still sticking to yours? Whether you made big or small goals, it’s easy to…