Chicks Tips for Coconut Oil

The health benefits of coconut oil are vast, both internally and externally. Including hair care, skin care, stress relief, cholesterol level maintenance, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism. Here are five ways to incorporate Coconut oil into your life. Hair care Coconut oil is one of the best…

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alice-a virtual-themepark-theatre

ALICE | A Virtual Theme Park • Chicks Picks Theatre


Adapted and directed by Zoe Seaton, featuring award-winning writer Charlotte Keatley 1– 30 Aug 2020  “You’re Late! You’re Late! For A Very Important Date!” CREATION THEATRE, BIG TELLY THEATRE COMPANY and CHARISMA.AI present. ALICE | A Virtual Theme Park Site-responsive and immersive theatre-makers Creation Theatre and Big Telly TheatreCompanypresent an innovative and…


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6 Adorable Anniversary Cards for Every Couple


Another year has passed and your love has only grown stronger — Happy Anniversary! If you’re looking for ways to express to your partner or your favorite couple how much they mean to you, take a look at these six cute anniversary cards that FTD designed. You can print the…


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9 Healthy & Tasty Recipes for Your Home Barbecue


Summertime means breaking out the grill. The smell of food cooking on the grill is just one of those smells that we associate with sunshine, family, and friends. But now more than ever, people are looking for healthier alternatives to the burgers and hot dogs they traditionally use. What you…


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Let’s talk mental weed clearing… I had myself a minor teachable moment the other day. Not that I knew it immediately upon starting the task, but one which gradually dawned on me over time, and I thought I’d share it with you. So, I have a block paving driveway and,…