Wedding Organisation Essentials


Wedding Organisation Essentials

Most women start planning their wedding as soon as they’re old enough to understand what it is, but daydreaming about your special day as a child is quite different from organising the real thing as a grown-up. With so many things on your checklist, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and decide to hire a wedding agency to do the job for you. Although the agencies might be efficient, the trick is to add a personal touch to your wedding and have fun along the way. Here are some wedding organisation tips to prevent headaches and ensure a proper celebration of the most important day of your life.

Engagement Party Counts


The engagement of a happy couple usually goes by almost unnoticed, even though it represents the crucial moment when two people decide to spend their lives together, which is definitely worth celebrating. Change this bad tradition and host an amazing engagement party with your family and friends. It doesn’t have to be lavish and expensive, but even if you opt for an intimate gathering, make sure to dedicate special attention to it. First, allow yourself some time to fully process the idea that you’re getting married, and then start planning. Decide on the date, set up a budget and choose a venue that reflects the atmosphere of your engagement event. Send out personalised engagement invitations as a little preview of the party. Decide on the guest list together, but don’t forget the rule – the engagement party goers must also attend the wedding.

A Bachelorette Bash


A get-together of a bride-to-be and her close friends is another part of a wedding tradition that should be honored. Choose the host – it can be anyone, from the maid of honor to your relatives, or it can also be a collaboration of several people. Your wishes matter, so think about what you want in terms of the location and content of the party. The most important thing is to laugh, relax, and have a good time saying goodbye to your days of being single.

The Guest List


When making the guest list, it’s all about quality, not quantity. Your guests should be the people who are truly important to you; the people you genuinely look forward to seeing on your wedding, not just any faces that will form a crowd. Place the guests in tiers – close family and friends come first, then your neighbors, colleagues, and so on. If there are some large expenses and you need to cut down on your guest list, start from the bottom and work your way up until you reach the optimal number. Use the Wedding Guest List Manager to help you.

Wedding Invites


Your wedding should reflect your and your partner’s personalities and the same goes for the invitations. If you prefer minimalistic designs, go for white or beige patterns and simple yet effective fonts. If you want something fancier, go for luxurious details, such as ribbons or jewels. Either way, make it personal and unique, don’t just follow the latest fashion.

The Perfect Venue


When it comes to the location, the choice is endless. If you want it to be outdoors, go for public parks or some beautiful garden. For an indoor celebration, you can choose a fancy venue or an intimate bed & breakfast. Whether you’re planning a low-key party or a lavish celebration, be sure to book a venue well in advance.

The Wedding Attire


The attire will depend on the formality of the event. You can choose a princess dress or an all-white dress with a modern twist if you want something less traditional. The same goes for your guests – a beach wedding, for example, would imply a laid-back style rather than black tie.

The Flowers


Choosing the flowers is one of the bride’s favorite activities, but there are plenty of things to consider. Make sure that the venue matches the choice of flowers and think about the message you want to convey. For example, small arrangements that contain peonies, roses or lavender are minimalistic and quite modern, while big bunches of wildflowers evoke romance and a rustic feel.

Use these wedding organisation essentials to plan a stress-free big day and jump-start your “happy-ever-after”.

By Claire Hastings

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