5 Baby Shower Chicks Picks!

Baby Shower Time ~ Our Essential Gift Guide

A baby shower is a lovely way to treat a mummy-to-be and lavish attention on her to celebrate the pending arrival of her little baby.

BabyShowerTraditionally, at a Baby Shower, a mother is presented with gifts for the baby. Nowadays however it isn’t all about the gifts, it is also a lovely way for friends and family to take time out, get together eat delicious cake, have tea and a good old chat.

Most guests however will want to bring a gorgeous gift for a mummy-to-be so here is a selection of our top five Chick Picks!

1.Sophie La Girafe

Everyone knows Sophie! The iconic Giraffe is armour in every mummy’s kit for a baby to squeeze, bite and play with. It is an essential teething tool and looks so incredibly cute.

From £13.99  http://www.sophielagirafe.co.uk


Sophie La Girafe has also just launched a fabulous new skin and body care line. Made with organic ingredients it is perfect for new born babies and would you believe are brilliant for mummies too. We love the Protection Cream but recommend the Skincare Starter Set as it is perfect for the hospital bag,

From £14.99  https://www.lucyandbelle.com

2.Car Seat Cover

This is definitely a luxury purchase so ideal if you really want to really treat the mummy-to-be and budget isn’t an issue, or also works well as a great gift with a few guests contributing.


A gorgeous car seat cover means that new born babies can be brought home from the hospital nice, snuggly and warm. It saves the need for mummy to worry about the little one being cold and also means they don’t need to struggle putting on a snow suit or all in one coat suit! Genius! Pasito a Pasito, a chic Spanish brand offer the most beautiful, practical and timeless range.

From £81.00 https://www.lucyandbelle.com

3.Hooded Bath Towel

When my daughters were born we received lots of towels as gifts but the one that stands out is one from a fabulous stop called The Nursery Window. Their Hooded Bath Towel which comes in a range of beautiful designs is such a gorgeous purchase. Also, even with 3 years of washing it still looks and feels lovely and most importantly is large enough to keep growing with little ones!

From £26.95  http://www.nurserywindow.co.uk

4.Hat and Mittens


Every little baby needs a hat and mittens regardless whether it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter! It is an essential buy. It can be tricky finding a small enough hat for a little one to wear when they are born and let’s be honest every mummy wants their new baby looking even more gorgeous in the hospital and for homecoming too! I recommend this gorgeous gift set from luxurious French brand, Doudou et Compagnie which also contains a little comforter perfect for little hands.

From £25.00  https://www.lucyandbelle.com

5.Gift Vouchers

Ok, we know this sounds boring but trust me any mummy-to-be will be eternally grateful to you if you buy her Gift Vouchers. John Lewis is a great store for all the essentials she will need for her baby. It will ensure also that she can buy exactly what she needs and when she needs it… So when baby is approaching 6 months and she wants to buy the Fisherprice Jumperoo she will love you forever when she remembers about her John Lewis vouchers!

From John Lewis  https://www.johnlewis.com