5 Beauty Treatments to Take in Winter


Winter is just around the corner, and with the season changing, it’s time to switch up our beauty routine. Both our skin and hair need special treatment in harsh weather. Luckily, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to facials that are especially designed to take care of your skin during winter.

Winter is also the perfect time to undergo some relatively invasive yet non-surgical treatments, such as permanent makeup. It’s also important to take care of our entire system, so an extra dose of vitamins is more than welcome during the flu season. We give you top 5 beauty treatments specialists suggest should be done during winter.


Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup procedures like microblading, permanent eyeliner, lip and cheek blushing, even scalp micropigmentation are done by injecting pigments into the skin. They result in makeup looks that last for up to 2 years.

As these procedures imply breaking the surface of the skin, there is always a chance of an infection occurring. So although choosing a certified artist eliminates the possibility of misconduct, it’s best to undergo these procedures in cold weather when bacteria is unlikely to spread.

Also, getting a permanent makeup treatment in winter makes aftercare easier. The main pillar of proper aftercare is avoiding sunlight, and since winter days aren’t exactly sunny, your everyday life will be least affected by the procedure. Plus, less sweating, which is also best avoidied.


Hydrating Face Masks

Exposure to low temperatures in the winter leads to skin irritation, dryness, even flaking. To protect it, you have to keep it hydrated. The most practical and economical option are face masks. There’s plenty to choose from: high-end, drugstore, clay masks, sheet masks, jelly formulas, you can even make them at home.

Whatever you prefer, choose ingredients that hydrate, like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, glycerol. Emolients create a sort of protective film over your skin. Look for products marked as hydrating. Apply them at least once a week.

A Chemical Peel

Although it’s one of the most radical facials, the chemical peel is also the most effective one. It hydrates, fills in wrinkles, and minimizes scarring, age spots, discoloration, freckles. Dermatologists do chemical peels by applying a chemical concotion onto the skin which removes the outer, damaged layer of the skin. In a few days, new, healthy skin emerges.

The face is sensitive for 3-7 days afterwards and it’s best to avoid sunlight for a while. The recovery involves sunburn-like symptoms: redness, itchiness, flaking. Deep impact peels lead to blistering or mild swelling. Low temperatures can ease all these symptoms, so winter is the most convenient time for a chemical peel.

By Tilly Grant

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