5 Creative Things To Do with your Fruit for the Summer


5 creative & ingenious things you can do with your fruit for the summer. It can be tempting during summertime to indulge in ice cream and fizzy drinks. After all, summer is the time to unwind and let your hair down. However, there is a way you can enjoy tasty, frozen treats this summer, all the while keeping healthy and getting your vital nutrients and vitamins.

Allow us to demonstrate 5 ways you can use fruit in the summer, to keep you cool and refreshed. Whether you’re hosting a barbeque and want to impress your friends with your creative mind, or you need a few activities to keep the kids occupied during the holidays, these tricks certainly come in handy.

Frozen fruit popsicles

watermelon-ingenious-things-to-do-with-fruit-this-summerThese are super refreshing and easy to make. Another great thing about these is that you can use practically any fruit for these and let your imagination go wild.


These aren’t like traditional ice pops. No other ingredients are needed and you don’t need to squeeze any juice either. Simply choose the fruit you want, insert an ice pop stick or skewer, then freeze for a few hours! Watermelon works great for this. If you cut the melon into triangular slices then insert the stick through the skin, this makes for a refreshing, healthy snack.

We also like to add a variety of fruits onto a skewer, then freeze for a fruity kebab (it tastes better than it sounds)! Apple, strawberries, orange segments and pears make for a colourful and refreshing fruity combination.

Fruit Slushie

Beat the heat with some fresh fruit slushies. These are great to slurp through a straw, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, they make great snow cones.


Best of all they’re healthy and will keep you cool. You can use whichever fruit you prefer, the main thing is getting the right ratio of fruit and ice. This may take some experimenting depending on the fruit you choose and personal taste.

If you aim to have 1 ½ cup of fruit compared to 1 cup of ice, this is a good starting point. First of all, wash and chop your fruit, then add this and the ice to a blender. Blend until you get the thick texture of a slushie and enjoy!

You can also add a few extra bits to make things more interesting. Sparkling water can give a bit of fizz. Even adding different herbs like mint or ginger and an extra splash of lemon will give it that kick.

Fruit ice cubes

Fruit arguably makes better ice cubes than, well, ice. There’s no need to spill water everywhere filling up icecube trays. Also when ice melts it makes the drink all watery. Fruit just makes the drink a bit fruitier but who doesn’t want that? It also looks much cooler.


Smaller fruits and berries are easiest for this. However, you can use any fruit if you cut it into small enough segments. Just pop them into the freezer for a few hours. Adding grapes to into wine or mixed berries into a gin and tonic are especially refreshing. Then once you’ve finished your drink, you even have a healthy nibble at the bottom of your drink.

Fresh fruity frozen yoghurt

For a healthy, homemade alternative to ice cream, step this way. Only 3 main ingredients are needed to make this, and sugar isn’t one of them! All you need is fruit, yoghurt and honey, which is great for keeping the right texture.


You can use whichever yoghurt you want, however, we tend to go for a flavourless, low-fat greek yoghurt. This way, the end result is healthier and it really brings out the natural flavours of the fruit. In terms of fruit to use, pre-frozen berries work well. However, if you want to use your own fruit, simply cut it into smaller chunks then freeze for a couple of hours. Then add the frozen fruit and yoghurt into a blender, with a little bit of honey and blend until smooth. Once smooth enough, you just need to freeze the mixture. The end result will be a smooth, healthy and refreshing alternative to ice cream, with all of your favourite flavours.

Fruit keg

Perhaps the most adventurous idea of the lot. This is a bit trickier than the rest, however, it’s perfect for summer parties and is guaranteed to grab the attention of your guests.

Larger fruits are needed for this, as they’ll need to store lots of liquid. Ideally, seedless watermelons, pineapples and even coconuts are effective. You’ll also need a keg tap.


First of all, you’ll need to chop the bottom of the fruit so it can stand upright, or at least keep ti secure. Then you’ll need to cut the top of the fruit so you can scoop out the flesh, which you can blend and save for later. You can also keep the lid. Then you’ll need to core a hole a few inches from the bottom of the fruit, in order to add the keg tap, which can be screwed into place from the other side.


Once this is in place, simply add ice into the fruit as well as the blended fruit you scooped out. You can enjoy this fruit beverage as it is or add other ingredients, even alcohol, for a delicious, refreshing and inventive fruit cocktail.


There we go, a little effort and imagination can go a long way. 5 fun, creative and (mainly!) healthy things you can try with your fruit this summer. Rather than stocking up on ice cream and fizzy drinks this summer, you can enjoy delicious, guilt-free snacks, packed full of your favourite fruits.

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