Top 5 Essential Oils that are Natural Aphrodisiacs

5 Essential Oils that are Natural Aphrodisiacs

Since ancient Egypt, we know that Natural Aphrodisiacs were foods to the Gods.

Scent and aroma was essential back then too, for decoration, hygiene and spiritual cleansing.

Today, therapists insist on the use of Natural Essentials for ailments, during holistic treatments and in beauty cosmetics.

I like to use Essential Oils in a base oil

My top 5 essential oils are:

Jasmine – floral and earthy
Patchouli – floral and feminine
Ylang ylang – floral and musky
Clary Sage – floral and sweet
Vanilla – very sweet but with an undertone of musk

Add one drop of each oil per 3 tea spoons of oil or if easier, buy a base oil (almond or grapeseed are my great) and add 10 drops of each oil into the bottle.

Try it at home. The best way to give a massage that does not require qualification, is to gently rub the back in circular motions. Start by pouring the oil into the hands, and transferring the oil onto the body before gently rubbing it in. Foot rubs are great and sensual too.


You can also soak the feet in oil and put socks on to wake up with beautifully soft soles.

Do something unique for your international women’s month in March, become your own Aphrodisiac Goddess!


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Written by Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

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