5 Ways to Read More


5 Ways to Read More

Read Books You Like

Pick books that you’ll enjoy. It’s all too easy to feel pressure to read the “next big thing” or that novel that your friend from work loved. Find out what types of books you enjoy reading; and before you buy look up the Goodreads rating and non-spoiler reviews online.  Another way to find books you’ll enjoy is Booktube. If you find a booktuber that has similar reading tastes you will be able to find a wealth of recommendations just by watching their videos.

Go to Bed Earlier

Retiring to bed about half an hour early will not only allow you time to read a few chapters but will also help you to unwind from the daily stresses of life. If you make sure not to get distracted by any electronic devices during this time you will sleep better too.

Take a Book with You

Wherever you go take a book with you. This could be in paperback form, a specific electronic reading device or a reading app on your phone. Fill any waiting time with reading (your daily commute, waiting for appointments, waiting for dinner to cook, etc). By reading something enjoyable at these times you will find that any waiting time goes more quickly.

Buddy Reading

This could include book clubs or reading with friends and/or family. I personally find that by reading with others I discover books I wouldn’t have otherwise, am motivated to read more and have people that I can discuss literature with.

Use Your Library

I personally love libraries. The ability to borrow books you would like to read rather than buy them all the time means that you have the opportunity to read much more without any financial commitment. A library card will also give you the chance to explore different genres or authors that you wouldn’t usually gravitate towards and perhaps find new interests.

By Bethan Palmer


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