6 Steps to Self-Care: How to Love Your Body


Throughout our lives, we all have certain issues with our bodies. Many of us feel insecure when looking ourselves in the mirror or comparing ourselves with others.

But it’s time to realize your own beautiful uniqueness and to accept your body as it is and enjoy it. There are ways that will help you finally fall in love with yourself.

1. Realize the toxic influence of most of the media

The truth is that the majority of women look like you – they don’t have the measures of a supermodel, their breasts come in all shapes and sizes and they don’t always look like they are ready for the red carpet. And it’s perfectly ok!

The media and fashion business tells you how you should look like. And it’s bothering you, so block all the content that annoys you on the social media and find pictures of women that look like you and are confident perfectly happy with their bodies.

2. Be present when eating and enjoy it fully

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A healthy diet doesn’t have to be hard to follow and of poor taste. Enjoy your every meal and don’t rush it – you should feel satisfied after you’re done eating. Be aware of every bite and the benefits the food on your plate brings you. It’s easier to enjoy, for example, whole grains if you know how good it is for your digestive system.

On the other hand, don’t be too hard on yourself when you indulge yourself with a couple of sweets. It won’t mess up your healthy habits. The point is to love yourself enough to treat yourself from time to time.

3. Clean your body from inside and outside

Clean your system every morning by drinking lemon water or vinegar. When your organism is free of toxins, you feel better and you think more clearly. And you will burn excess fat better. Also, use natural skin products that truly nurture your skin and make it more beautiful. Your body will respond positively if you take proper care of it in all the possible ways.

4. Improve your body and mind through physical exercise


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A perfect workout means it will equally relax your mind and body while simultaneously improving your fitness. Find some time to explore your options. Maybe a yoga class is for you? Or a Latino dance club? You could also try browsing through gym equipment onlineto find something that fits your preferences and physical abilities. Whatever you choose, that physical activity should allow you to get to know your body better.

5. Don’t let your weight dictate your lifestyle

If you wait to get down to the perfect weight until you hit the beach, you’ll miss a lot of days of fun. It’s not an effective solution to deprive yourself of the things you like just because you haven’t reached your goal – missing all the fun will only make you overeat and feel depressed, which leads to gaining more weight! Lead the life that you want right now – don’t delay it!

6. Go through your closet


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Why keeping pieces of clothing that doesn’t suit you know in your closet? It will just frustrate you to look at them and know you can’t wear them because you have gained some weight. It’s better to try out all the clothes from your closet and immediately get rid of those pieces that don’t fit you NOW. Leave the clothes that make you feel sexyjust as the way you are at this moment! This moment is all that counts!

Final words

Falling in love with our bodies is a process that requires patience. It will take some time for you to start seeing yourself differently in the mirror, but the time start working on that is right now!

By Stella Ryne


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