6 Tips on Transitioning from Vegetarian to Vegan


Embracing a vegan diet is hugely beneficial for your health and for the environment. The trouble is that even the smallest dietary changes present challenges and require a significant commitment to work. If you’ve been thinking about making the transition into a plant-based diet, these tips will help you say goodbye to eggs and dairy for good.

Look after your garden

If you’re interested in following a plant-based diet, preparing your garden for new vegetables is a step in the right direction. How well your vegetables grow will depend on your soil and your watering habits, and there is a range of things you can do to improve soil quality. Simple things like removing rocks from the soil and adding compost or organic matter will give your plants a fighting chance and help to make sure your garden is just as ready for change as you are.  

Grow your favourite produce

Have you ever bought a boxful of vegetables from a weekend farmer’s market and forgotten them in the fridge? You’re not the only one – but it might be time to give yourself a little extra motivation for including extra produce in your diet. There are plenty of easy-to-grow vegetables and fruits just begging for a spot in your backyard, so start with hardy options like capsicums, tomatoes, zucchinis and berries. How much better does food taste when it’s grown in your own backyard, free from nasty pesticides? It’s time to find out!

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Invest in new cookbooks

What could be more enticing than a beautiful new cookbook filled with mouth-watering food photography? One of the common arguments against making the switch to veganism is the idea that the vegan diet is too restrictive to be interesting, but the mass of clever recipes available in bookstores would suggest otherwise. Are you still obsessed with a few old favourite meals? No problem – you can even convert your favourite vegetarian recipes into delicious vegan dishes by swapping out the dairy ingredients for non-dairy alternatives.

Ease into the restrictions

Dieting based on restrictions is challenging, especially when you’re cutting out entire food groups. The good news is that there are things you can do to ease yourself into new eating patterns; for example, start by incorporating extra whole grains, nuts, legumes and dairy substitutes into your diet. Whole grains, in particular, are great for helping you feel full and resist cravings, while dairy and egg substitutes can help with maintaining a variety in your diet. Embrace things like plant milk, vegan cheese, and egg alternative aquafaba, and you won’t feel so deprived when you make the switch. Given time, you might even find the alternatives more enjoyable than the full dairy versions!

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Keep on learning

Sticking to a diet can be difficult at the best of times, but the right information makes for surprisingly powerful motivation. Take the time to learn more about the reasons why other vegans made the decision to switch and consider your own motivations. You might feel strongly about the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle or the benefits to the environment and the animals living within it – whatever your reasons, there are plenty of information sources out there to support your transition. If you plan to make a long-term change, you should also learn as much as possible about nutrition and how to maintain a balanced diet while gradually switching out food groups. The things you learn now could form the basis of your new lifestyle for many years to come!

Stay motivated

Any significant dietary change forces you to change your habits, and if you want those habits to stick, you’ll need a little motivation. Fortunately, the internet and social media make inspiration easy to find. There are many passionate vegans with strong social followings who post inspiring content like healthy recipes and daily routines. Some of the most popular accounts belong to celebrities like DJ Tigerlily and sprinter Morgan Mitchell, but there are plenty of others online singing the praises of the vegan lifestyle. What’s not to love about a supportive community?

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If you’re determined to make the transition from vegetarianism to a vegan diet, diving right in is the best thing you can do. You’ll find such a wealth of advice, helpful resources, and support online that you might even wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

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