8 Features to Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams

A bedroom is the most sacred and private place in the entire home (and a space where you spend the most time), so it’s not a surprise people put in extra effort to make it comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. No matter if you’re starting from scratch or just having a little makeover, check out these amazing bedroom features that will provide you with a space of your dreams.

Add a canopy

If you used to dream of a frilly canopy when you were a child, why not make your dreams come true now that you’re an adult.  However, if you want to avoid that overly-sweet and feminine vibe, opt for a canopy made of lux materials like chrome or copper. There are even mirrored options that give your bed an accent feel perfect for all sophisticated grownups.

Blackboard walls

Blackboard paint moved from children’s bedrooms into the kitchen, playrooms and even living rooms, but why not take it a step further and introduce it into your master bedroom. It’s an innovative and ever-evolving element that can turn your classic bedroom into a fun, yet sophisticated space. If you utilize it in the right way, your chalkboard wall can double as a headboard that allows you to experiment with art, calligraphy and motivational quotes.

Outdoor details

Having larger glass doors in your bedroom that lead to your spacious balcony is a dream of many. However, if you just can’t make that happen, let the outdoors come into your bedroom by using natural elements. Think seashell mirror frames, big indoor plants and even woven room dividers or lighting fixtures. These natural elements will give your space that earthy and relaxing feel you’ll love to wake up to.

Warm rugs

With the rise of hardwood, tile and even concrete bedroom floors comes one big problem: warmth. Sure, these flooring options look super attractive and modern, but they don’t really feel comfortable on your feet when you jump out of the bed in the morning. So, make sure your toes have a welcoming surface to land on with a stylish rug. And don’t think you must go with traditional fluffy options in order to create a cozy feel. Check out some natural rugs with earthy tones and textures that will warm up your space in a subtle and homey way. Wool and jute are amazing options since they are durable yet pleasant to the touch which makes them perfect for every bedroom.

Lush curtains

Your bedroom will never look complete without a stylish and luxurious window treatment. So, ditch your plain drapes and opt for something glamorous like designer curtains that pool on the floor. These will not only fit perfectly with your lux canopy, but also ensure all the privacy a personal space like the bedroom needs. Make sure to opt for a blackout sewn-in liner that will come in very handy if you love to sleep in on the weekends.

Comfy armchair

Boost the comfort in your bedroom by introducing a stylish armchair and practical coffee table to an empty corner. This little setup will not only create a more sophisticated look, but also allow you to enjoy your bedroom from different angles and make the best use of the space.

Add some high-tech elements

Okay, we know that our bedrooms should be relaxing and tech-free, but that’s just not possible in this world where everyone has a smartphone, laptop and tablet. However, you should try to limit your electronic device exposure by allowing only your phone in the bedroom. So, in order to make the most use of it, invest in a charging mat. This way, there will be no more jumping in the middle of the night to plug in your drained smartphone!

Set the perfect temperature

Creating a dream bedroom isn’t only about design and décor. Actually, the temperature is one of the most important factors that affect sleep and comfort in the space, so make sure to install an efficient HVAC system in your bedroom. Invest in a smart thermostat that will maintain the optimal temperature and ensure you’re always welcomed by a cozy space. Also, some HVAC systems also filter your air and remove various contaminants from your space and provide you with a clean place to spend the night.

A space that is a blend of comfort and sophistication (with a few high-tech touches) will satisfy most tastes. So, give your bedroom a stylish makeover and enjoy peaceful nights and happy mornings!


Tracey Clayton
Author, HighStyleLife
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