8 Reasons to Switch to Reusable Menstrual Pads


Periods, this time of the month when women have to deal with so many uncomfortable feelings, cramps, fatigue, and emotional swings but also buy a whole stock of toiletries to last till the end of the menstrual cycle. Disposable pads and tampons, however, are not good for the environment, but a good alternative exists – reusable cloth pads.

At first, it might seem weird to use a pad for one period and re-use it for the next one.
But don’t judge yet, here are 10 benefits of switching to washable menstrual pads that will change your mind.

1.They Are Comfortable

You will want to feel relaxed and cosy during this time of the month, so comfort should be the first thing to seek during your period. Besides, if you have to wear something for many hours, it better be comfortable. Reusable pads are made of cotton which makes them soft against your skin which adds extra comfort. They also mould to the curves of your body so they will stay in place when you move which make them perfect for travelling and exercising.

2.They Are Good for the Environment

Did you know that, in the UK, a woman uses 11,000 to 16,000 menstrual products in her lifetime which represents 200 kgs of waste per year that either go to the landfill or flushed down the toilet. That’s not all, 90% of menstrual pads are made with plastic which means hundreds of years to decompose and more damage to the environment. So, if you are starting a zero-waste lifestyle, you should consider switching to reusable pads.

3.Help You Save Money

Research has shown that British women spend more than £18,000 on menstrual products during their lifetime. Switching to reusable pads will help money as they have been designed to last at least five years if taken care properly. In addition, cloth pads are estimated to replace 120 disposable female hygiene products, so you will not have to spend any more penny on disposable pads and tampons.

4.They are Safer for You Body

Many chemicals such as carcinogenic pesticides are involved in the production of disposable menstrual products that can be harsh on your body and might cause serious health issues such as Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). On the contrary, cloth pads are made of natural materials like cotton which preserves your skin, allow airflow to the sensitive parts, and prevent any irritations.

5.They don’t smell

No need for a synthetic fragrance or artificial smell, your senses are already intensified by your hormones. Besides, scented products can cause irritation and itching. For that reason, cloth pads do not smell at all, just fold them up, secure everything with the press stud, and put them in your bag.

6.Cloth Pads Are Easy to Wash

At first glance, washing a reusable pad might seem like a chore, but it is not that bad. Cloth pads are, actually, easier to clean than you think. You need to clean them completely with soap and cold water, you can also add a drop of your favourite essential oil, and rinse everything until the water runs clear. You can even toss them in the washing machine on a 30-degree wash with your other laundry. Avoid using hot water because it sets stains and conditioner as it reduces their absorbency.

7.They Don’t Leak

One of the questions you might have asked yourself when you heard about reusable menstrual pads is “Does it leak?”. We agree with you, this is the most frustrating thing that can happen during your period. Actually, the back of the pad is made of a leak-proof layer and most of the cloth pads have a removable liner for extra absorption. However, in order to avoid a potential leak, you should be sure that you are wearing the appropriately sized pad and change it in time.

8.They Are Pretty Good Looking

You will certainly love the design of the reusable pads! The best thing about cloth pads is that they are available in so many different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, and unique designs that will make you forget about those boring white synthetic products.

Now that you know all the main reasons why you should switch to cloth pads, it’s time to give them a try and enjoy your comfortable and waste-free periods. We are sure that once you try them, you will never look back to disposable menstrual products.

Author: Rania Jeoual

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