9 Healthy & Tasty Recipes for Your Home Barbecue


Summertime means breaking out the grill. The smell of food cooking on the grill is just one of those smells that we associate with sunshine, family, and friends. But now more than ever, people are looking for healthier alternatives to the burgers and hot dogs they traditionally use.

What you may not have realized is that there is a plethora of healthy options out there that are delicious and easy to make. It will completely change the way that you look at summer grilling and barbeque in general. Check out these recipes and you’ll never look at barbequing the same again.

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Pineapple Bun Burgers


There are few things out there that scream “summer” quite as much as taking a tropical trip. Enjoying the sights and sounds, going snorkeling, and enjoying bright, fresh food can make everything come together.

So, it only makes sense to introduce burgers into the equation, too. There is nothing quite as closely related to summer as burgers and giving them pineapple buns puts a unique, healthy twist on it. This is easy to do, too. Cook up your burger the way that you want, just replace the buns with grilled pineapples. Delicious, sweet, and healthier than having the buns.

Grilled Cabbage Steaks

Enjoying the sun is what summer is all about. Whether that is a camping trip during the day or enjoying a Saluspa Hawaii hot tub at night, it’s all about enjoying time with friends and family. Eating healthy and fresh just makes everything better.

With cabbage steaks, all you do is form your favorite cabbage into steaks and brush them with oil and seasoning. You can even top with bits of bacon, scallions, and bleu cheese to give it an unreal flavor. That’s the kind of treat that will make summer even better.

Tomato Bun Sliders


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Keto is one of the more popular diets out there and that means still being able to enjoy things like burgers. The biggest difference is finding alternatives for those carb-filled buns while keeping the flavor and enjoyability of burgers.

In this variation, cooking up a burger on the grill can be enjoyed with tomato halves as the buns. When you have a barbeque, you can even make this an option for friends and family. It’s healthier, lighter, and provides a fresh kick from the beautiful, red tomatoes. Options like these make barbequing healthier an easier thing.


Foil Pack Philly Cheesesteaks


Getting rid of the buns doesn’t mean getting rid of the flavors. Even though it isn’t traditionally a barbeque food, philly cheesesteaks are delicious nonetheless. Best of all, you can cook it up on the grill with minimal effort.

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Season up your steak, add some peppers and some onion and put it all into foil packs. Fold them up and throw them on the grill for 10 minutes before adding cheese for two more minutes. That’s all it takes to enjoy a healthier, yet still classic, philly cheesesteak. Eating healthier doesn’t have to be that hard.


Grilled Strawberries

There are lots of foods that you may not have even realized could be thrown on the barbeque. Strawberries certainly fit that description, but they are actually very good with just a little bit of effort.

Add your strawberries into some honey, butter, salt, and lemon zest before skewering them. Throw them on the grill and give them a good char, brushing with your butter mixture while they cook. Best of all, you can add them to whatever you choose. Keep them on the skewer, add them to a salad, or use them as a side.

Grilled Salmon with Cilantro Lime

Fish in general is pretty healthy as an alternative to red meats, which have become a staple of barbeques everywhere. Salmon in particular is delicious and luxurious, delivering high quality and class on a plate.

Providing a cilantro lime seasoning can add an extra pop of flavor to your salmon. It takes just a quick mixture that you can cook up on the barbeque and a quick cook on your salmon. It is the kind of fresh, summer dish that will completely change the way that you look at barbequing and summer in general.

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Foil Packs with Tomatoes, Corn, and Chicken


Foil packs have always been a way of cooking up summertime barbeque favorites, but now they can be used to create fresher healthier options. This one is possibly the easiest one to prepare of anything on the list.

All you do is put your vegetables and chicken into your foil, drizzling each with both butter and oil while seasoning with salt and pepper. Allow them to cook for around 15 or 20 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through and the veggies are tender. Top it with basil and you are ready to go.

Spicy Grilled Salmon

Salmon is light and fresh but what if it could have a spicy kick to it? In a bowl, add some lemon juice, honey, and sriracha together, leaving about half of it for basting after the grilling is done. Put your salmon into a dish or bag so that it can marinate for at least a few hours.

Heat your grill to high, oiling the grates so that the salmon doesn’t stick. Baste your salmon with the other half of your marinade as you go, just 5 minutes per side. Now you have a tasty, spicy dish that is healthier than most barbeque classics.

Honey Lime Tilapia

This is another foil pack recipe, but it creates a delicious treat all the same. All you need to do is place your tilapia on a piece of foil and top with corn, cilantro, and lime. Finally, drizzle some oil over the top and add salt and pepper.

Grill it up for around 15 minutes and you have a light, flaky tilapia and some tender corn to enjoy all in the easily enjoyable foil pack. It’s hard to get a better, faster barbeque dish than that.

Article By: Peter Rossi, a professional hot tub designer and founder of ByRossi.

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