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It’s been another busy week, you’re getting ready for a cocktail party with your clients, and you have a zit situation staring back at you from your bathroom mirror. Sometimes it’s a minor issue that a dab of concealer can fix for the night, while sometimes it’s a painful, nagging beast that looks like a separate living entity about to develop its own central nervous system. The life of striving for beauty is difficult, to say the least, but a little bit of focus and plenty of patience and consistency can get you far when it comes to your lovely exterior.

Even more importantly, these habits we’re about to cover will not just prevent the unfortunate facial demons before a classy event, but also help you stay healthy, beautiful, and in a happy, fulfilling relationship with your self-care routine. It all begins by understanding that beauty is anything but superficial.

Hydration habits



The fact that we are mostly made of water has been reiterated many times, and yet, we persevere with our stubbornness to drink sodas instead of water, and choose another cup of mocha in the evening instead of tea. Of course, there is nothing wrong with an occasional indulgence, but only if you are already diligent about your water intake.

This divine fluid is the key ingredient that your skin (and your internal organs) need to perform your natural detox processes, flush out chemicals from pollution and the environment, and cleanse your pores through sweat. No water means no clean pores, and that leads to blemishes, painful pimples, blackheads, and other skin troubles we all want to prevent.  

The need to move

One of the mentioned detox processes your body loves and needs, sweating, is best achieved if you work out on a regular basis. Whether you choose to take a stroll in the park, jog, do some Zumba, or lift weights, the chemical reactions that occur in your body lead not just to a surge of cleansing, but also towards improved hormonal balance in the favor of the happy neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphin.

Exercise is one of the most efficient ways to ward off stress, meditate while in motion, focus on breathing, and let go of any issues you might have. It helps manage your weight when paired with the right eating habits, and it’s vital for keeping your brain healthy. By keeping you healthy and happy, exercise keeps you beautiful in addition to giving your pores a chance to literally blow off some steam.

Eat for beauty



In order to retain its flexibility and glow, your skin needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to spur collagen production, prevent oxidative damage, and reduce the damaging effects of environmental stress such as sun exposure. That is why lean protein sources, omega-3 fatty acids, and all the colours of the rainbow ensure you get enough of those micronutrients that are truly the very foundation of clear, healthy skin as well as hair.

Even your sweet treats can contain food for glowing skin that not only keeps your sweet tooth happy, but gives your skin plenty of goodness to work with, keeps those wrinkles at bay, and helps it stay radiant. Think dark chocolate, avocado, and even spices such as turmeric, all of which can turn a dull meal into a feast and enhance its beautifying potential.

Check your shelves

While the majority of your focus should be on all the lifestyle habits that have a multitude of health perks, there’s no need to neglect your topical skincare solutions. On the contrary, it’s the only way to truly close the circle and take the holistic route, as your skin deserves attention on both fronts, inside and out.

Whether you choose to make your own bottles of skin treatments, or you choose to trust a brand, go for all-natural, organic ingredients that will help your skin prevent any damage as well as heal any existing issues. Pure oils, such as coconut, jojoba, and argan, all provide exceptional perks for your pores and your locks, while butters (shea and cocoa steal the spotlight) are exquisite picks for nourishing your skin. You can also make your own scrubs with ground coffee, sugar, or oatmeal, and use tea infusions to purify your pores.

Learn to say no



Finally, despite everything that you do right, if you still indulge in addictive habits that are bad for your skin, you will still experience beauty emergencies in various shapes and forms. The holistic principle is based on taking a look at your entire life as a set of combined habits, all of which should contribute to your wellbeing.

So, if you’ve ever needed any extra motivation, this is your chance to ditch smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and sugar. By learning what to do and what not to do, you’ll master the art of taking the holistic road to beauty and enjoy every step of the way!

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Brigitte Evans

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