A Poem • Authenticity


Awareness of self is the best place to be

Unique in expressing myself vocally

The truth of my journey will unfold

How I decided to change to achieve my goal

Embracing me and holding me tight, telling myself it will be alright

Nurturing me from the inside out, claiming back the power that I gave out

The time has come for me to step out, I can’t hide no more I am busting out

I unblocked my emotions, so I could see, which emotion was not benefiting me

Come join me on this ride at the end you will be bursting with pride

Individual you will be we are getting ready to make history

Transformational at its best I am happy to say I passed the test

Yes, authentic is the way to be, standing in faith, truth and reality.

Pamela Thompson

Life Coach & Holistic Therapist

pamela-thompsonLittle bit about me: –

I am a Life Coach & Holistic Therapist I have a passion for supporting people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. I use a system called Soul Plan which looks at the very essence of your life purpose, exploring the talents you hold and the goals you seek to achieve to fulfil your true potential. Following my own Soul Plan Reading I was able to unlock my creativity and express myself by way of writing poetry which I titled ‘My Expression’


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