A Poem • My Soul


My Soul

My soul is blooming, it is no longer weak

Awaken to life it’s time to take that leap.

New beginnings and new starts

It’s time to deal with affairs of the heart.

All my desires and all my plans

It’s time to emerge and show you who I am

No longer in hiding, no longer afraid

Time to walk the walk

It’s time to be brave

The past is the past

The futures to come

My focus is now as my journey has begun.

Pamela Thompson

pamela-thompsonLife Coach & Holistic Therapist

Little bit about me: –

I am a Life Coach & Holistic Therapist I have a passion for supporting people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. I use a system called Soul Plan which looks at the very essence of your life purpose, exploring the talents you hold and the goals you seek to achieve to fulfil your true potential. Following my own Soul Plan Reading I was able to unlock my creativity and express myself by way of writing poetry which I titled ‘My Expression’

Featured image: Photo by Hernan Pauccara from Pexels
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