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A Poem

Our minds are our gardens, our thoughts are our seeds, it is up to us whether we plant flowers or weeds. As we cultivate our minds day by day do we keep what is needed or do we throw it away.  Pick sense out of nonsense that’s the way to be, not everything you say is relevant to me. No time for mind clutter or negativity it’s time to lift this vibration and raise the energy.

I break free from your chains of captivity it’s time to face reality. Bound for too long not able to see that you were still captivating, distracting and destroying me. I have located the cutters and cut myself free from your lies, derogatory comments and your victimisation of me.

I was not born blind, I am able to see the wrong that you were doing to the world and me.

I was not born deaf, I am able to hear that the signals your submitting are not very clear.

I was born to be abundant, I was born to be free, I was born to fulfil my life’s destiny.


pamela-thompsonBy Pamela Thompson

Life Coach & Holistic Therapist

Little bit about me: –

I am a Life Coach & Holistic Therapist I have a passion for supporting people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. I use a system called Soul Plan which looks at the very essence of your life purpose, exploring the talents you hold and the goals you seek to achieve to fulfil your true potential. Following my own Soul Plan Reading I was able to unlock my creativity and express myself by way of writing poetry which I titled ‘My Expression’

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