Accessorising Tricks for Noobs


Accessorising Tricks 

Accessorising is something that can make or break your outfit. As if choosing your garments for the day wasn’t tricky enough, you also need to pay attention to the complementing details, such as the right jewellery, handbags, and shoes. Apart from this, you also need to take into account the occasion, as the right accessories can add that final touch to your combination and enhance it in the best way. If you’re a noob when it comes to the art of accessorising, here are some lessons that will turn you into a pro.

Can’t go without chokers



This trend from the 1990s has come back to the fashion stage with a bang, and everywhere you look you can see some version of it – the chokers. They complement various styles, so they can easily team up with summer dresses when you’re headed to an evening party, or they can give your office outfit an unexpected twist. Leather and gold chokers are quite trendy and it will give you a more edgy look, while a subtle pendant added to it will make your style all the more luscious.

Statement earrings


When it comes to the choice of earrings, the sky is the limit and you can choose the style that reflects your personality best. You can go for subtle and toned-down or all-eyes-on-ears approach, depending on the occasion. Modern earring designs are bursting with creativity and innovation and you can find some simply irresistible pieces that will make every head turn. The selection is wide, from oversized and mismatched pieces to flattering florals and lavish jewels. Mismatched earrings are high on demand and they can spice up any outfit. If you dig the idea, but you’re not so keen on a messy look, minimise the striking effect by choosing two different pieces that are in the same colour, for example.

A new way to sport your ring


The right ring can enhance any combination and this is another zone of accessorising where you can express your creativity. Statement rings in all sorts of styles and designs you can imagine are extremely popular, but you can also spice things up with conventional jewellery. For example, you can put some new perspective on wearing diamond engagement rings and wear your shiny piece around your neck, like our favourite “Sex and the City” expert, Carrie Bradshaw.

A timeless handbag


The importance of the right handbag that styles up your outfit can never be emphasised enough. Big handbags are ideal for daily strolls as they can store all your essentials and make you look stylish at the same time. Choose a neutral colour that can easily match every outfit, like the classic black. For more sophisticated occasions, a clutch will elevate your style and perfectly complement your elegant look. Monochromatic, gold, and silver clutches are definitely stealing the show these days.

Shoes to heal your blues

A girl’s best friend, apart from diamonds, and her strongest fashion weapon are certainly her shoes. And what’s hot in today’s world of footwear can be seen on supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid. The sisters’ choice of shoes confirms that the nude tones for ankle boots are still holding the throne. Nude ankle boots are great for a street look and they can spice up your regular tee-jeans style, while they can also add a touch of fancy when teamed up with a black wrapped dress for elegant occasions.

The right accessories will elevate any look and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve the effect of stylish and classy. Use these tips to build up your style and accessorise your way into a chic and trendy look.

By Claire Hastings

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