Changing the way we drink water! Acquablend

Acquablend: Changing the way we drink water


When I think about changing the way we drink water, I immediately think of an inconvenient devise that should be added to a tap and therefor means it is home bound.

When I was handed my first Acquablend bottle, I literally thought someone had climbed into my house and put a camera on the wall! I LOVE fruit infusions. As a Health geek, I am always trying new things at home to help me stay healthy, hydrated and full whilst I work. I can sometimes go 12 hours without eating and therefore I would chop up fruits and vegetables into a bowl, and throw a handful into a jug of tap water with limes to alkalise to ensure I eat and drink daily.

Naturally flavoured by the raw juice from the fruits and veg, it just makes drinking water – well, fashionable and transportable. It’s not like I can take my hefty glass jug on the bus, train or to the gym. But I can take my cute Acquablend bottle everywhere!

Acquablend, the premium fruit infusion water bottle company, champions the importance of hydration in retaining good skin and a healthy lifestyle. I love the fact that it comes in different colours (I’ve got the pink one) which means that I can match it with my workout wear or trainers if i’m running.


Acquablend has built a solid reputation for the health conscious on both sides of the Atlantic and is widely seen as a nutritionally smart choice and a sensible natural alternative to sugary and fizzy drinks. With 5 star ratings on Amazon, the brand is fast becoming the best Fruit infusion bottle in the UK.

Acquablends mission is to change the way we drink water. With brand expansions including stocking a kids sized bottle and recipes via their website, their holistic approach to hydration and education makes it easy and fun to take better care of ourselves.

My favourite infusion recipe is:

1/2 Red apples,  

1 Lime.

A few leaves of Kale.

1 stem of Rosemary and 1/4 Pear. (I’ve got abit of sweet tooth).

One serving, chopped up and put into the fruit holder in the middle of the bottle lasts me about 3 days before i need to empty and renew raw ingredients.

Again, like with blenders and juicers, the innovation is in the setup and wash up time. Most of us want to be healthy, but if it takes 10 minutes to wash something, we are reluctant to use it often. An Acquablend bottle is as easy as washing a big cup. Takes seconds. The hardest part is choosing which Nike Airs you want to match your bottle to. If in doubt, order the classic white bottle, it goes with everything!

Change the way you drink water.

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We at TLC are huge fans of the bottle and are giving away a red bottle. Stay tuned for social media announcement on how to enter the competition to WIN!


Written by Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe