Adaptability – After giving Birth


JaquelineOfAllTradesAdaptability. Eleven days ago I had a baby boy! Nine days ago I was sobbing, coughing and about to give up on life. (Although my actual labour was blessedly quick I had two previous nights in the hospital with no sleep. Add to that a chest infection and a big bubba who needed to feed CONSTANTLY. That’s no exaggeration mind you. For the first two nights my chubster fed ALL NIGHT LONG!) Today it is a bright and beautiful, crisp, winters morning and I’m strolling through Alexandra Palace park with my dog feeling ready to be a part of the world again. In my head I’m composing emails to agents and clients letting them know I’m back in the game!

Adaptability. It’s an incredible thing! Don’t get me wrong; while I’m walking I’m trying to engage stomach muscles that I honestly think must have come out with the placenta! And don’t get me started on my pelvic floor… I also have to feed the baby in 15 minutes so it’s not as if my responsibilities have disappeared along with my desire to curl up in a ball. However, I definitely have that itchy feeling back. I look at Facebook and Instagram and see people working, travelling and, dare I say it, going ‘out’ and I’m already getting a little jealous. Thankfully it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that I might do a days work or head into town for lunch or… meet my friends at the pub!! I’m crazy lucky to have a husband who is competent and, most importantly, willing to take the parenting reins. Being a mum fills a magical space inside me that I never even knew existed yet, personally, I know for certain that I am a better parent when I am able to venture outside of that role. My close friends will worry that I’ll push myself too far too fast but I’d rather be knackered and fulfilled as a whole person than frustrated and bored as a mum. (If you see a blonde woman looking like she’s worked 14 hours on a photo shoot, wearing a baby sling, pushing a pram, and dragging a dog around Muswell Hill whilst quietly bawling with exhaustion please remind me of my inspirational need for personal fulfillment…and perhaps buy me a coffee!)

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