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Among Angels follows lead character Chris as he uses drugs as a numbing tool after being falsely accused of rape. He is in a situation incited by toxic people and struggles with the idea of going home. However, this is no regular party, he is in a potentially dangerous situation at a Chemsex party fuelled byself-medicating and peer pressure. Chemsex is when someone uses drugs before or during sex to increase arousal. As Chris makes his decision despite the presence of angels who try to warn and guide him, the audience realises that this is not the first time something sinister has happened at a one of the Chemsex parties. The angel in this case, was a former Chemsex attendee who has fallen in love with Chris. As Chris overdoses, will he choose life or death?  The easier option? Or will he face his demons once and for all?

Among Angels has been adapted into a play by Timothy Graves and focuses on the presence of angels amongst humans, guiding them to make the right choices. The production is an impactful piece and tackles the issue of drugs and date rape in the LGBTQ+ community. Timothy Graves gives us an explosive and fast paced insight into Chemsexparties, Sugar daddies and consent.


This is one of the first plays I’ve seen which accurately displays the link between mental health and drug addiction. The character Chris follows an honest and relatable downward spiral after his reputation as a school teacher is tarnished andhe turns to the wrong people and the wrong comforts. It shows how one decision can ruin your life whether is be a false accusation or in this case, a bad cocktail of drugs. The characters lean on Pete, a drug dealer and Satanist, for their fix and he abuses the power, having already had one young man die in his flat. The Angels played a significant role in the story, advising Chris and adding messages of love in even the darkest moments.

Among Angels was bold, electrifying, shocking, climactic, vivid and powerful. The director, Peter Taylor, beautifully deals with aspects of Chemsex in the LGBTQ+ community. The play explores some of the darkest parts of the brain, and deals with themes such as light versus darkness, Angels versus Satanists, love versus loss and ultimately life versus death. To quote the play “Never are we nearer the Light than when darkness is deepest.


If you are a theatre-goer that wants to be on the edge of your seat, this play is a piece that is bold and innovative new writing and challenges the audience with so many attention-grabbing moments; requiring complete concentration for the fast paced 75-minute play.

Among Angels is on at The Courtyard Theatre until the 27th of April. If you are interested in seeing the play, you can book your tickets here:

Reviewed by Ciara Kelleher

Ciara is an Irish actress, writer and presenter. She completed a BA in International Business in Ireland before moving to London to pursue acting. She has previously published an article with Concern and lived in Luxembourg and South Carolina. She completed the Advanced Intensive Acting Diploma at the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting and has taken on roles such as Queen Margaret, Hazel in ‘Mourning Becomes Electra’ and Cassandra in ‘Women of Troy’ and has written for Radio HaHa!

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