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Angela Whitlock is a registered therapist with the EMDR UK and Ireland, BSCH and WIEBGE certificated to deal with the effects of narcissistic behaviours. She is a professional life skills consultant, author, speaker and hypnotherapist. She works with teenagers, parents, individuals and businesses. More recently she has also started to work with actors, entertainers and other people within the media industry. Her book  ‘Walk On The Grass’ changed my life so I was delighted to be able to interview her for Those London Chicks.

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Her moto is

Break Your Rules, Inspire Your Thinking.

We at Those London Chicks were so pleased to have the opportunity to catch up with Angela and find out what she recommends to up cycle your life and why she has spent her life helping others to find the key to happiness.


What are the first steps someone should take if they feel like they could be suffering from depression?

We all have low mood from time to time but when that low mood fails to lift in a few days, it’s important to seek help. Your first port of call should always be your Doctor before any alternative therapies are sought. Once you have a medical diagnosis you can then discuss what are the best options to move forward into therapy. Different therapies suit different people so check them out first but go with someone who is recommended if you can.

What have you learnt from helping people with mental illness?

I’ve learnt that every person deals with mental illness differently. What one person finds overwhelming, another person would take in their stride. I often deal with trauma which triggers anxiety and depression and sometimes the trigger can be very small such as something that was said as a child and yet another persons trauma might be a car accident. It’s very important never to judge and treat each anxiety as equally important.

What techniques do you find help people who suffer depression, what form of therapy has been most effective?  

Self awareness is critical to deal with depression, being able to stand back and recognise you need help. I recently went through 17 cognitive behavioral techniques with a young 17 year old who suffered from severe anxiety so she could choose which one to use depending on how she felt. I use EMDR most of the time but I think it’s important that a person can use techniques when I’m not with them and cognitive behaviour allows a person to do that.

What is the most challenging part of your job? 

The most challenging part is ensuring I don’t absorb my clients issues, I can only help them if I stay neutral from what they tell me. When you build up real empathy it can be a challenge not to feel sorry for them and want to protect them from the world but if I give them the skills they need they can protect themselves better.

What is your favourite thing about working in your profession?

I love seeing the change in people. When you see the shift in mindset, people start to really enjoy life and start being themselves. It’s the best feeling ever when they tell me what they are doing differently as a result of their own ability to heal.

What have you found to be the most likely cause of depression?

Some can be genetic and you can see it passed down in the family but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. For me it’s a loss of control, when life overwhelms people, they feel out of control, they feel they can’t control how they think, how they feel or how they act. It becomes a type of learned helplessness as a person feels they can’t change.

What would be your one tip or thought for the day, that you would recommend people to do to improve their mental health?

I work a lot with over achievers suffering from depression. My first tip is to stop ‘doing’ and start ‘ eing’, meaning be in the moment. so do something that doesn’t have an achievement, like walking in the countryside or watching the beauty of a river or look up and watch the world of birds and what is happening in their world. 

Thank you so much Angela.



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