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Looking out of my patio doors, I can see a crisp blue sky and falling leaves tumbling all over my patio, a gentle reminder that we are well into Autumn. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Autumn correlates with the lungs. Therefore we can help to protect ourselves at this transitional time of year by trying breathing exercises or mindfulness/meditation and stimulating our senses by tuning in to the smells of Autumn.

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My stimulating aroma today comes from the oils in my atomiser, an Aromatherapy blend of Kunzea, Rosemary and Lemon Essential Oils (EO’s).

I chose this combination of EO’s to aid my concentration whilst writing this piece, to purify the air (my partner currently has a cold) and to create a positive and mood enhancing environment.
The oil I want to talk about is Kunzea, a relative new comer in the world of Aromatherapy. Discovered in Australia but brought to the world’s attention in the noughties by Dr Daniel Penoel, a leading French Aromatherapist. The EO is distilled from the twigs and leaves and belongs in the Myrtaceae family; along with Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Niaouli and Tea Tree. It certainly has that reviving kick to it associated with the above oils but it’s personality is subtler and more gentle.
I hold my treasured 5ml bottle to my nose and slowly breathe in the scent of this addictive oil. It’s aroma is medicinal, fresh and spicy.
With the change in seasons, my Kunzea oil has been a star in my treatment room the last month and my clients have enjoyed being introduced to a new EO and aroma.
With the seasonal changes at his time of the year many people’s immune systems succumb to the usual coughs and colds so Kunzea’s anti-infectious qualities really do come into their own. A perfect warming anti-viral blend to boost the immune system and ward off any viruses would be Kunzea, Rosemary and ginger.
To be briefly touch on the chemical composition of this EO (hang in there, my chemistry will be brief…) Kunzea, has an unusually high amount of Sesquiterpenes in its chemical make-up and it is these turpines that make it so anti-inflammatory. In simplistic terms the Sesquiterpenes deliver oxygen to your tissues making it much more difficult for bacteria and viruses to exist.
Another beauty of Kunzea is it’s a very gentle oil; so whether you want to atomise it, add to your bath, blend as a massage oil or mix into an ointment for aches and pains it is incredibly versatile and safe. As with all Essential oils though, make sure that you dilute with a base oil/ cream or gel first. It is this gentle quality of Kunzea that also makes it so valuable for various skin conditions such as Eczema, dermatitis and minor burns.
I have mentioned so many uses for Kunzea and the effects it has on the physical body but as with all EO’s it also effects how we feel mentally. The whole time I have been writing this piece I have been inhaling my Kunzea blend and even though my stomach is rumbling I feel energised and positive about the day, even week ahead!
All Essential Oils have a unique energy and personality which has a complex and subtle effect on the individual, both body and mind!
For me it is this winning holistic combination that makes Aromatherapy such a wonderful treatment ALL year round.

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