Art Deco Bring Glitz and Glamour into Your Home

Art-Deco-Bring-Glitz-and -Glamour-into-Your-Home-cooper-klein-thoselondonchicks

Soon, when the ‘20s are mentioned, we won’t be quite sure which ‘20s are in question. However, there are only one Roaring ‘20s, and it’s doubtful that anything or anyone will be able to take that glitz and glam and raise it up a notch. And even if it does happen, it will never create the boom that the original ‘20s managed to create, as it will only be a sad copy and an attempt to improve something that is already so brilliant that there’s just no room for improvement.

Yes, we are talking about the all-time favorite Art Deco, the loudest roar of the roaring ‘20s, that is still so popular and sought-after that people all around the globe are implementing in their homes even today. Let’s check out the reasons behind the enormous popularity of this style, as well as all the ways you can implement it throughout your home.

Art Deco – a brief history

Art-Deco-Bring-Glitz-and -Glamour-into-Your-Home-cooper-klein-thoselondonchicks

Art Deco came into being during the period between two world wars, more precisely from the 1920s – 1940s. This era revolutionized design and style, both in personal and spatial sense, and prepared them for the modern age. It affected everything from architecture to literature, completely wrapping that period as a unity of its own. The name Art Decooriginated from the French Exposition Des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels which was the name of the great International Exhibition of the Decorative Arts held in Paris in 1925, but it first appeared in use as such in the 1960s.

Art Deco – interior design

Art-Deco-Bring-Glitz-and -Glamour-into-Your-Home-cooper-klein-thoselondonchicks

We could go on and on about all the changes Art Deco brought to, well, every aspect of life at that time, but here, we’ll be focusing only on the interior design.

This style is defined by rich colors, geometrical and symmetrical patterns, bold shapes and decadent detail works. Whether you decide to Art Deco your entire house from floor to ceiling, or you just want to bring in a few statement pieces, the style will definitely make your home instantly look glamorous. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can implement the Roaring ‘20s into a 21stcentury home, room by room.

Let the colors roar like the ‘20s

Art-Deco-Bring-Glitz-and -Glamour-into-Your-Home-cooper-klein-thoselondonchicks

The first rule of Art Deco is – be bold. For the living room, choose vibrant colors for your walls and create a contrast with geometric metallic lamps, mirrors and decor pieces (mirror frames, picture frames and various ornaments). For the furniture, always try to go big and bulky to create that true glamorous vibe. The colors of the furniture should also be loud (think yellow, orange or red) and the finishes should be shiny and luxurious. As far as floors go, you can choose either a black and white tile combo or go for lacquered floors. Part of this style’s appeal lies in its powerful, rule-breaking nature. Keep in mind that Art Deco is definitely not the style for the faint of heart and people who don’t like to take a risk.

Let your bathroom shine bright

Art-Deco-Bring-Glitz-and -Glamour-into-Your-Home-cooper-klein-thoselondonchicks

When it comes to bathrooms, think tile, metal and glass. A black and white tile combination is the right way to go as far as walls and floor are concerned. Next, freestanding baths with a matte finishand golden or brass shower heads and faucets will only increase the glam and glitz of your bathroom. Finally, top it all off with an interesting Waldorf or a flamboyant mirror in a shape of a fan, and add some lighting fixtures with the same finish as faucets to create a cohesive environment.

The lion sleeps tonight

Art-Deco-Bring-Glitz-and -Glamour-into-Your-Home-cooper-klein-thoselondonchicks

To add that luxurious feel to your bedroomyou should go with symmetry, contrast and geometry. To elaborate, make sure that your furniture and fittings (like drapes and bed covers) create a contrast with walls and flooring solutions. Make sure that the layout of the room is symmetrical to create a streamlined space. Implement geometric patterns throughout the room with geometric throw pillows, lighting fixtures and mirrors. For a true touch of luxury, add some animal print bed covers or incorporate this pattern in some other way – think framed animal print fabric headboard.

Cook up something glamorous

Art-Deco-Bring-Glitz-and -Glamour-into-Your-Home-cooper-klein-thoselondonchicks

The best way you can incorporate Art Deco into your kitchen is with materials such as marble, metallic and ceramic detailing. Forget all about stainless steel sinks and go for a big ceramic sink instead. When it comes to appliances choose retro whenever you can. Create a big kitchen island with a marble countertop and chiseled wooden kitchen cabinets you can further decorate with metallic hardware. Instead of chairs, add benches with luxurious velvet seating and a hidden storage space underneath.

You should never stop improving your living space and making it more presentable. To truly show off your style, go for some of the above-mentioned solutions or apply them all and create a space that’s not only functional and beautiful but also very glamorous and luxurious.

Bio: Cooper Klein is a cool dad in touch with his feminine side. He’s currently working from home as a blogger for SmoothDecoratorand several other sites. You can find him on Twitter.

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