The Fiena Members Club for Women

The Fiena Members Club for women is something totally different… Since opening in 2017, the club has already achieved legendary status. Fiena is a firm favourite of female olympians, international DJ’s, CEO’s of visionary companies & everyday go-getters across the world. A hotspot for London’s girl boss types and female adventurers….



I have worked with a number of start up entrepreneurs who – depending on their field of expertise – bemoan the marketing and social media aspects of getting their venture off the ground. Whilst in the long run it’s imperative this work is outsourced ASAP, the early days of an start…


Travel • Copenhagen

Travel • Copenhagen Fancy a quick escape from London, but you’ve already visited Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Belgium? How about Copenhagen? The perfect destination for a long weekend. The Den will certainly hit the mark! With regular flights from all over the UK, it can be the perfect city break with…


GET LIPPY for The Eve Appeal

Beauty Brands and retailers join women’s charity The Eve Appeal to launch GET LIPPY again this May; a campaign inviting everyone to help tackle the taboos around women’s health. In May 2019, GET LIPPY is back with a bang. We’re getting lippier, louder, bigger and better — and we need…


The Beauty & The Taste • Wine Pairing

A Mini Guide to Choosing the Right Bottle of  Wine. We all experienced at least once that feeling of indecisiveness ranging from mild hesitation to severe cluelessness when it comes to choosing wine. The outcome might be as sweet as grapes nectar or as sour as vinegar. Those days are…


Seeing Wellness

Seeing Ourselves As Well A common misconception we tend to have, is that dis-ease (emotional, mental, physical or discomfort of any type) needs to be immediately overcome: that it should not be part of our reality…that it is wrong. This creates inner conflict as the judgement ‘guarantees’ the presence of…

Among Angels • Theatre Review

Among Angels’ follows lead character Chris as he uses drugs as a numbing tool after being falsely accused of rape. He is in a situation incited by toxic people and struggles with the idea of going home. However, this is no regular party, he is in a potentially dangerous situation…


SEED Eating Disorder Services • Charity

Arnold Isaacson is running The London Marathon in aid of SEED • Eating Disorder Support Services!  SEED’s mission is to create a facility that provides sufferers and carers alike with confidential independent and non judgemental advice and support to ensure they are aided by the best possible network of care…


Superfoods for Healthy Skin

Our diet has a big impact on the appearance of our skin and overall body health. Incorporating superfoods into our meals can be valuable for maintaining healthy looking skin from the inside out, and creating a healthy lifestyle long term. Superfoods are foods packed full of healthy vitamins and nutrients….


Theatre • Don’t You Dare!

Award-winning director and performer Chiara D’Anna best known for her work with writer and director Peter Strickland on the films The Duke of Burgundy and Berberian SoundStudio, returns to London with her trademark surreal comedy. Her latest solo show, Don’t You Dare! is a high-energy political satire that combines Storytelling, Physical Theatre…


Gift The Mother In You

A Zen Life going Forward 3 Steps Towards Living a Lighter Life To the women who live to mother. Consciously we all strive for an abundant life, a body that is in optimum health, and relationships that are fulfilling and nourishing. Yet it feels as though these desires to perfect ourselves…


Welcome To Your Edible Backyard

It is happening all over the USA, even on the rooftops of New York Skyscrapers, resident of homes and restaurant owners are going green and growing their own herbs and vegetables. Veggies and herbs are not like fruit trees, they do no need tons of space to grow, just good…


The Grenfell Project • Theatre Review

The intimate performance space of ‘The Hope Theatre’ gave The Company Theatre Group an apt ambiance for ‘The Grenfell Project’, in which they drew their audience in with their respectful, honest and intense devised piece. The hour-long performance was directed by Eleanor Crouch and takes the audience through first hand…


5 Tips for Healthy Eating

How many of you here have a longtime love-hate relationship with food? *slowly raises hand* If you’ve been struggling to shed off those extra pounds the previous month (or the entire year), there must be something wrong in your daily eating regimen (duh). Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll eat…