Corkers Crisps – a taste of the Mediterranean

Corkers Crisps. It took about a second to say ‘Yes’ to reviewing Cambridgeshire’s family business Corker’s new range olive oil lighter crisp range. Made with Muleolivia, which significantly has been heralded the world’s best olive oil for four years, the idea is to give consumers a taste of the Mediterranean….


Surviving Miscarriage Together

How do you write a blog about a miscarriage when so many people still think we shouldn’t talk about it? I thought long and hard about how to start this blog, most of it involved me second guessing whether I should actually write anything at all, but this subject is…


Tonia Buxton’s Giant Butter Bean Stew

As the days get colder and the nights come quicker, this is time of year we all appreciate some comfort food. What better than a one pot dish…and healthy too! Take a look at this fantastic step by step video tutorial of Tonia Buxton’s Giant Butter Bean Stew. Delicious and…


Chicks Chat with… Caroline Millington

Caroline Millington multi-award winning journalist with a wide ranging experience across television, digital, social media and print media, including commercial and marketing campaigns. She is now Digital Producer at Loose Women for ITV.   Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Trust and part of Team Gav Aid raising money for charities in memory…

Overcoming Panic

Overcoming Panic Never underestimate the power of panic. Anyone that has suffered a panic attack will know that they are both terrifying and debilitating. Mix that with the embarrassment of being in front of other people and you have a destructive concoction that creates the dreaded panic attack. Panic is…


Theatre • Bullet Hole

Bullet Hole • The Play Young Cleo was given her ‘gift’ at age seven – except that ‘gift’ left her with type 3 Female Mutilation. How can Cleo love her body, when her husband brutally sexually assaults her? Finding strength after this hideous act, Cleo resolves to go against her…


Fashion: Repression or Empowerment

Photo by Raluca Georgescu on Unsplash Fashion – at the very mention of the word, you see rows of women with their heads held high strutting the latest world-renowned designer collections yet to be glorified all over the World Wide Web magazines. And yet, fashion is so much more than…


Go Red with The Eve Appeal

We want you to Go Red for the right reasons this September! The results are in, and Eve Appeal-commissioned research has found that two thirds of parents want their children to receive a formal education regarding the signs and symptoms of cancer. The majority of participants believed that fostering open, informative…


Tonia Buxton Chicken with lemon and olives

Chicken with lemon and olives • Kotopoullo me elise kai lemoni Simply cooked, using the best ingredients…I like to make up a huge tray of this chicken and leave it in the oven whilst I spend time with family, friends…and if the talking goes on for too long this dish…


Newlywed Advice + Tip Jar Printables

Your wedding is a special time to come together with family and friends and celebrate you and your other half. You have planned for this day for a long time, and want to have a special memento from each guest to look back on later. That’s why Personal Creations has put…


Cream Tea with Penny Brohn UK • Charity Event

At Penny Brohn UK, we recognise that people affected by cancer need more than medicine. Responding to a rising need Penny Brohn UK is now partnering with the NHS to offer the Living Well Programme to patients recently diagnosed. It’s an amazing boost to be so acknowledged by the NHS….


How to Tackle the Menace of the Menopause

The Unknown Tackling the menopause can be quite daunting. Firstly, we deal with letting go of the idea of remaining youthful forever. Secondly, the acceptance of the ageing process. Psychologically, these are vast adaptations to face alone, never mind the physical challenges. Physically, symptoms can be erratic, overwhelming and demanding….


4 Common Fitness Questions

Kira Mahal, Founder and CEO of MotivatePT…answers What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer? There are so many people who want to start their fitness journey but have no idea where to start. This problem is one of the main reasons people don’t incorporate fitness into their…


Go Big: Maximalism in Your Home

Minimalism, be gone! Away with your clutter-free, non-existing decor and dull monochromatic colours, your time has passed. Now is the time of maximalism, this quirky display of colours, features, and careful layering, imbued with life and personality like no other design approach out there. Why the maximalist approach, you ask?…