Product Review: Ayo Salute Sun Body Crème

Ayo Review: Salute Body Crème

Hello lovelies, today I am reviewing the Ayo Salute Sun Body Crème.

Body Cremes are ten a penny, but when trying them on my dry skin, they really are put to the test.

First few applications: 

It feels so soft on the skin and even when you take some out of the pot. The crème is smooth and sometimes feels a bit silky when handling it.

When you first apply it, it does remind me of my grandma’s perfume (a deep musky scent), but then when it is applied and on your skin, it smells really minty and fresh, the musk is absorbed into the skin and this lighter fresh fragrance lasts for so long!

How to use it:

You apply it after you’ve had a shower or bath whichever you prefer, just after you’ve patted yourself down, apply it all over your body, making your skin feel so super soft and smells so beautiful.


I really liked this crème because it made my skin feel so so soft and even after one application I was amazed at what this crème has done for me and to my skin, I also feel like it’s really hydrated my skin on my legs and on my face, which I am so happy about.

The only thing which I didn’t like about this crème was that the smell is so strong, that I feel that I can’t use a lot, however a little bit of crème goes so far.

In my opinion, my first experience of Ayo was amazing and I am so so happy about it. I would certainly recommend Ayo to a friend because it does so much for the skin.

Thank you for reading guys and hope you liked my AYO review

Written by Lauren Williams

This product is a PR sample provided by JoClarePR