Back to basics Nutrition Tip 1


I am going to keep this short and sweet on purpose. Partly because people make nutrition too complicated and partly because I know most of you won’t read beyond a paragraph anyway; time is too precious isn’t it. In my opinion, the second most precious commodity we have. The first being our health. And to keep our health we need to pay a little attention to our nutrition.

You’ve heard the phrase ” You are what you eat”. It’s true to a point, specifically if you eat rubbish! You’ll look and feel rubbish, and hence this weeks simple tips:

This week, avoid processed rubbish as much as you can, if possible, for every meal this week. Where you can, eat only whole foods, fresh (organic if possible) and as close to their natural state as you can possibly find. If you do this, while drinking lots of water (not processed fizzy drinks and juices) and following a sensible exercise plan (try to do at least 5 hours activity a week) you’ll start to look and feel better after just a week or so. Keep it up for 2-3 months and you’ll feel amazing and people will ask what it is you’ve been doing to look so revitalised. Nothing you’ll say, I’ve just stopped putting crap into my body.

Last note, if you’re somebody who really struggles with missing your favourite crisps or a weekly trip to McDonalds with the kids, or a cheeky bottle of wine Don’t worry, you can still reap the benefits of avoiding processed foods outlines above. Simply have a “free meal” ONCE a week where for ONE meal (not a whole day) you can eat what you want; your processed crap, your pizza, your wine etc. This is actually not a bad thing to do once a week. It actually helps keep the metabolism working correctly. BUT, the next day; back to being good and keeping off the processed crap and only eating the fresh natural foods concentrating on vegetables, lean meat and fish, berries, good fats and fruits.



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Sean Lerwill

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