Back to School-make Mornflake Oats your family Breakfast

Back to School ~ Make Mornflake Oats Your Family Breakfast

It is that time of the year again… Back to school!  Summer has drawn to a close and the days of endless fun and late nights are coming to a close.  Fellow mums, do I hear a sigh of relief?!

Mornflake Oats - Heritage

After nearly two months of school holidays it can be challenging for mums juggling it all.  Keeping little ones entertained is not always easy, especially if the sun is not shining brightly in the sky.  Also when you are not doing the entertaining, thinking about what is next on the agenda, can be exhausting.

Mornflake_Superfast_Oats_500g_2A few months ago I was invited to an event at Mornflake, one of the last few remaining independent, family owned British cereal businesses in Cheshire.  I am ashamed to say it but before meeting Mornflake I had never heard of this brand before.  Not because their products are not available in large supermarkets but because own branded goods as well as the global brands such as Kellogg’s can dominate the shelf space at eye level.  Mornflake is a brand that you will most certainly find but you need to look for it.

Since my trip to visit to this wonderful family business I certainly will be choosing Mornflake for our family breakfasts.  Their wide range of oat based products and cereals are not only delicious but they are priced competitively against the other choices on offer.

What is more important is that we are supporting a business which has been in operation since 1675.  More astounding is that it is this business has remained solely owned and managed by same family, the Lea Family, since its inception.  I mean is that not a legacy that as a consumer you would be proud to support.

As supermarkets dominate and small brands and farm shops become a less familiar sight more effort needs to be made by us, the consumers, to shop local and to support small businesses, when it is possible of course.

A huge benefit of shopping local is that we can get a better understanding of the provenance of our food.  On my trip to Cheshire I was able to visit one of the local farmers who grow the oats and then go on a tour of the factory to see how the oats are milled.  Very few businesses today can offer such impeccable supply chain management which in turn gives us an exceptional product at the best possible price.

Old fashioned family eating breakfastIn 1941 when Britain was in the grips of World War Two, the country was in need of an affordable sustainable and nourishing source of food.  Mornflake was contacted by the Ministry of Food to provide oats to “feed the nation”.  Oats were the ideal cereal for the job.

Moving forward many years’ oats are the best kind of nourishment for all of the family, and there could not be a better breakfast.  Not only are oats low in salt and sugar but they are high in fibre, perfect for keeping hunger at bay until lunchtime.

Try this recipe for a new, easy, no cook breakfast this September…  You can get your minis to help you assemble it the night before.  It sets in the fridge overnight and is ready to eat when you wake!

Bircher Muesli


100g rolled oats

100g plain, natural yogurt

100ml milk (any variety)

75g mixed berries 

2 tbsps. honey 50g mixed seeds (optional)


In a medium bowl mix together the oats, yoghurt, milk, berries and honey.  Divide amongst 4 small bowls or ramekins and sprinkle over the seeds(if you are using those).  Place in the fridge to chill overnight.  In the morning sprinkle fresh fruit and honey to taste.

This recipe is from the brand new Little Dish Family Cookbook which is available at all major bookstores.

By Clara Bentata

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