Back Workout To Suit You


Now I was going to share a full body workout next but after taking on two new clients and talking with a current one I realised how little importance a lot of women put on training their back. I’m not meaning bodybuilding ladies as they are very aware. But for most it is not considered emough. So I thought it was time to draw attention to it.

All you have to do is assign one exercise to each suit. I have given you them below for this back workout. Now turn over your first card for eg. 5 of diamonds. Now below I have allocated diamonds for the straight arm pull down. So you would do 5 reps of the straight arm pull down. Then you turn the next. And I’m sure you can work out the rest.

Number cards are what they are, Jack, Queen king and Ace are 10 and jokers are a minute rest. If you are wishing to make it even harder then you can make Jack 11, Queen 12 and King 13 and Ace 15.

This is a great easy way to focus a gym session!

I would possibly do half the allotted numbers on your first attempt!

You will need

ACES-CARDS-suit-playing-card-spade-club-diamond-heart-Deck of Cards or @SeanLerwill s free app

The Inverted Row = Spades


The Bent Over Row = Clubs


Dorsal Raise = Hearts


Straight Arm Pull Down = Diamonds


Now this routine is never the same! Thanks to the Cards!

Inverted row blk

The Inverted Row

  1. Position a bar in a rack or smith machine to just below waist height.
  2. For your start position, grip the bar wider than shoulder width. Your body should be straight with your heels on the ground with your arms fully extended.
  3. Pull your chest towards the bar. Ensure you are not allowing the shoulders to hunch by retracting the shoulder blades.
  4. Hold at the top position, aiming for the chest to be within an inch of the bar then return to the start position.
  5. Repeat as the card dictates.


bent over row

The Bent Over Row

  1. For Your start position hold a barbell with a your palms facing you(not forward). Knees in line with toes which are hip width apart. Bent bringing the body almost parallel to the floor but with a focus on keeping a straight back. Make sure that you keep the head up. Let the bar hang down so that the arms are fully extended.
  2. Keeping the elbows tight to the body bring the barbell up to the lower rib cage.
  3. Hold for a count, then slowly lower the barbell back to your start position.
  4. Repeat for as many as the card dictates.


Back Extension blk

Dorsal Raise

  1. Lay on your front. Arms bent and fingers to your temples
  2. Slowly lift your chest off the floor. Keep the legs as still as possible.
  3. Hold forat your highest point before slowly lowering the upper body back to the floor.
  4. Movement should be slow and considered. ocus on breathing throughout and try not to hold your breath at the top.


straight arm pull down blk

Straight Arm Pull Down

  1. If you are setting the machine up yourself. Take the pulley to the top of the cable machine. You can use either a rope of a bar. Take a good step back from the machine. Grab the handle(of your chosen accessory) with your palms facing down to the ground.
  2. Keep your kneesĀ  soft and feet comfortably natural. Bend at your hips, keeping a straight back. Keeping the arms straight throughout the movement.
  3. Pull the bar down all the way to your lap(or as far as you can go without losing form). Breathe out on this movement.
  4. Breathe in to return to the start position. Ensuring it is a controlled return and not sharp or jerky.
  5. Repeat as many as the card dictates.

Enjoy and let us know how you get on!