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Chicks Chat Beauty with….

Elarica Johnson, Model, Actress and now Blogger. She has worked in the fashion industry for years, alongside a career as an actress.  Her credits include roles in Powder Room, The Forgotten ,My Brother the Devil and Sexual Healing playing Janis Gaye. We at Those London Chicks were excited to talk beauty with Elarica.

We think you have a gorgeous complexion, what is your skincare regime?

Thank you! Well if I’m honest I don’t do a huge amount. I’m always worried that doing too much will only give me an imbalance. Exfoliating and cleansing for me is a must, followed by a good moisturiser.


What would you constitute as your “can’t live without” beauty products and why?

My MAC concealer because the world doesn’t need to know I’m tired! And my Max Factor mascara because I can’t deal with clumps!

What are your beauty sins…..go on tell, there must be one?

Ok yes maybe once or twice I’ve fallen asleep with my makeup on. I’m not proud to say it so keep it a secret please!

Your hair, you always experiment with different looks, colour and texture. How do you keep your hair in the tip-top condition we see?

I swear by treatments and good conditioning. I do them mostly myself at home, keeping treatments in for up to an hour and wrapping with cling film to keep the warmth and moisture in.

Elarica, you are in amazing shape, as a model there must be a pressure to be a certain size, how you do maintain your



By eating what I love! I enjoy healthy home cooked food, it makes me so happy! I think it’s important to enjoy what you eat and not by over indulging, and keeping active I’ve never really found the need to diet. Portion control is also very important but, I make exceptions sometimes and have seconds!

As a regular on Red Carpets and front row at Fashion Shows what are your “go to” looks for such occasions?

I love bright colours and textures but until now a little black number has never let me down. I will experiment with most looks but if I ever feel worried about pulling something off in a red carpet or front row situation I always go for sleek and sophisticated.

 Are you good at applying make-up yourself?

It’s funny I’m actually quite good but I completely put it down to the years of having my makeup done. I’m the makeup artist of my friendship group. I love it!

What tips have you picked up from MUA’s that you find invaluable?

Blend! It’s all about the motion and the time. I love a smokey eye and weather I’m doing one on myself or on a friend I know it’s always about the blending! But also in general, it isn’t about using huge amounts of makeup but more about how you use it.

beauty-sctress-model-elarica-gallacherWhat does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me isn’t about the makeup you wear or the products you use. It’s not about the exterior at all actually. I believe that beauty is really what comes from within. A beautiful person will do beautiful things. But I do believe feeling pretty on the outside can help make the inside shine!

Go beautiful people!

Thank you Elarica

Interview by Karen Bryson xx
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